Wednesday, August 18, 2021


The trees are full of Apricots, Peaches, Plums. Stone fruits time it is. Nature is showing it´s abundance and I´m often so overwhelmed by all the natural wealth we´re allowed to get. How magical that we only have to go outside and pick all these yummy treasures for our own pleasure.

With this pattern I felt like thanking Mother Nature that she takes such good care of us. And it´s all free. She doesn´t want money from us. Isn´t this truely amazing? We are so lucky. 

The last couple of days I often came by a tree full of cherry plums. When the fruits started falling it was time to bake a lovely, watermouthing cake from them.

#patterndesign #evelynrosner #stonefruits #thankstomothernature #wealth #abundance

Have a fantastic time, collecting lovely stone fruits, too.

Lots of love,

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