Thursday, March 25, 2021


In these pandemic days we are often not allowed to leave our home. It depends in which country we live. In Germany we´re in the third lock-down right now and there is not much to do. The shops are closed, except grocery stores, many people spend time in home-office. Schools are closed and kids have their lessons online at home.

I try to spend time outside, having a 20-minutes walk in the nature every day. In between, while working on my computer I get a glimpse of the outside world, seeing the windows of the houses on the other side of the street. I love to discover wonderful plants in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes humans show up when having a break on the computer. Then I smile and wave.

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I hope, you are fine and good and healthy during these days of Corona.

Big hugs,

Thursday, March 18, 2021


I never heard the word Cryptozoology before so I had to Google it. I learned with the help of Wikipedia that Crypozoology is a pseudoscience and subculture that aims to prove the existence of entities from folklore record like Unicorns, Yetis, Aliens, and so on. Spoonflower made it a pattern design challenge so I thought of it and came up with this one.

I tried to create very bold looking figures and like the look of it. And I loved to create a warm and friendly blue in the backround with lots of stars to balance the cruel looking creatures. Now it looks like a pattern for little boys who love to hear more about entities like these.#surfacepatterndesign #evelynrosner #spoonflowerchallenge #cryptozoology #aliens #yeti #unicorns 

Have a wonderful day today.

Lots of love,

Tuesday, March 2, 2021


Ooops, I did it again. Yellow and grey. I know, I have more of these colour combinations in my portfolio. But I can´t help it. There is this force inside of me that makes me do this. Whenever I try to pick a different colour my fingers start automatically to pick mustard and grey once more.;-) I love the doodley look of the inner white circles. It makes the perfect basic circles look so imperfect.

 I tried different motifs but decided to use just one because otherwise it looked so restless to me. Whenever I´m done with a design I ask myself "Do I love it?" Sometimes there comes an instant "Yes", sometimes there are doubts and/or I´m not able to answer that question. When my answer is "No" I don´t publish it and remind myself designing patterns with more passion and love. I can do better than this but right now, it´s totally fine.

Lots of love,

Monday, March 1, 2021


With this motif I wanted to create a pattern that looks like a chalkboard filled up with chalky flowers all over the place. It made me feel of getting chalk-dust on my hands while creating it. 

I love bringing natures treasure into my work especially when it´s reduced to plain shapes and forms. 
It is such a wonder and true magic wandering through the woods with eyes wide open. There´s always something that can be found and changed into a nice, new pattern. Very inspirational, though.
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