Monday, October 26, 2020


It´s mushroom time - indoor and outdoor. After a long and dry summer we checked for mushrooms two weeks ago and there where none to be found. Then it started raining by the end of September and suddenly the little friends startet do show up. We went mushroom hunting a couple of times and found several little guys who agreed to be part of our dinner.


We found mushrooms of the boletus family, chanterelles and parasoles and thanked them all for showing up. They tasted so lovely chopped with garlic and onions, fried shortly in a pan.

And of course I had to design a pattern with the tasty friends. Thanks for bringing so much joy to our taste buds, wonderful fungis. #mushroom #magic #patterndesign #fungi #vegan #tastebudsjoy

Sunday, October 18, 2020


And another tea-towel pattern is leaving my craft room. This time I tried to throw my focus on backyard winter birds but finished a design without birds:-). I loved it more to create bird houses on a backround snowflakes design. I tried to catch the winter mood through the icey colors grey and white and think, it looks quite chilley.

I guess the birds moved all out during winter season spending the cold days in warmer countries like Spain and Africa. It looks like it with the white entry wholes on the front of the bird houses. There just came the idea of adding "For Rent" Signs to the design. Maybe next time. For now I like the pattern the way it is. 

Have an amazing, inspirational week.

Thursday, October 15, 2020


So sorry, it´s been a while since I wrote my last post. Corona still keeps me busy and there wasn´t much time, making new patterns. I try my best to start again after 5 month of pattern break. Time is flying and there is still so much to learn for my portfolio.

For todays pattern I made a tea-towel in fresh, green hues. Since fall is coming here in Germany there starts a lack of light and it´s always a good idea bringing fresh colors into homes with kitchen-gadgets like these. Vegan is starting to be a big hit and so many huge companies try to come out with new products for consious people. I startet eating vegan 8 years ago and so many things in my life changed to the better.

#vegan # yeswegan# kitchenwisdom #teatowel #spoonflower #designchallenge #planteater #consiousness

Have a wonderful day today.

Big hugs,