Monday, May 4, 2020


Hello, beautiful people out there,
we are still in Corona-lockdown here in Germany. I try to make the best out of it being creative.
For this week Spoonflower called in for a design challenge that is called "Design for good". It´s about finding a cause, that is close to my heart, making a pattern out of it.

I thought a lot about subjects that are important to me and after a long time of thinking I decided to come up with a pattern for women. Women are great! Don´t you think so? Of course, men are great, too. But today, this is about the girls. I don´t know, what picture you have of yourself. For me I love being female. I love my feminine body. I love the thoughts my mind comes up with. I love my intuition and gut feeling. I love my sense of spirituality. I love being able bringing new life into this world.

There is still a lot out of balance on this planet for women. With todays pattern I want to bring up the subject of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Have you heared of it yet? It is a ritual cutting or removing parts of the external female genitalia. 200 Million Women have experienced the procedure worldwide somewhere between their birth until puberty. It is done to control the female sexuality. Circumsized Women are called pure and beautiful in some traditions and if isn´t done, many fear social exclusion.

Most girls collect a trauma while a traditional circumciser uses blades and razors, doing this ritual. Not rarely this leads to heavy bleeding, infections, chronic pain and even death. And on the long run it´s often a struggle to urinate, mentruate, having sex or giving birth to a child later on. There are no health benefits.

Female Circumsision is a subject in many parts of the world. In Germany FGM is against the law and still there are 70.000 girls and women in my country threatend by it. In Europe, France has the highest number of FGM-victims.

This is a subject that really touches my heart deeply. I´d love to dedicate this pattern to all women in this world who experienced FGM. And my thoughts are with the ones that lost their lifes undergoing the procedure. I´m sending all my love and courage to you out there and hope, this tradition will end.
It is about time that women all over the world make their own decisions that their bodys need. There is no need for harming control or traditions.
So, be the mother who ends circumsision in your family.

#FGM #femalecircumsision #selfdetermination #getupstandup #loveandcourage #timetosayno #unharmedfemalebody #rustyrazorsandblades #overcometraditions #womenrights

Big hugs to all of you out there,
be safe,