Tuesday, December 31, 2019


Less than one hour left in 2019 and I found my creative mantra for 2020. Each year I look for a special quote I try to work with through the year. Next year I want to enclose LOVE in my work.

So, what do you think? What is your mantra for 2020? I printed mine out, framed it and put it on the shelf right in front of my eyes on my workspace. Whenever I look up, I see the saying and get a reminder right away. 2020 will be the year of love for me and my designs. I´m really excited how things will work out.
Have a wonderful start into the New Year. May all your dreams come true.


When a year ends and a new one is about to start, it´s a good idea to create a vision board. It helps, to visualize all our dreams, plans and goals we want to accomplish in the coming year. With a vision board we keep a positive mindset. Here you can see mine for 2020.

It is very easy to make.
1. Get a canvas or thick piece of cardboard, glue, scissors, washi-tape and other decoration material.
2. Take a piece of paper and write the things down that are important to you in your life like family,
    friends, work, hobbies, etc.
3. Start finding pictures in magazines and the internet that fit your subjects and your goals you want
    to achieve in these fields. Cut these out.
4. Collect affirmations, quotes and sayings that encourage you to reach your goals.
5. Glue everything on your canvas or cardboard.
6. Give your vision board a prominent place where you often walk by.
7. Whenever you pass your vision board, look at it and visualize your dreams and goals.

Have a wonderful time, creating your own vision board.
Lots of love,


Before the old year 2019 ends, I need to post a last pattern I did. I finished it a couple of month ago for the theme color blocking.

For the New Year 2020 I promise to post more patterns and be a better blogger. I really got carried away in the last couple of month.
Lots of love,