Thursday, July 4, 2019


I am really a better person when I am able to design. It makes me feel happy, centered, grounded and I love going into my ritual of designing. I also decided not to stop creating until I fall in love with the pattern I am working on. This has such a huge impact on my work. I give love in and it comes right back to me when I look at my artwork after finishing it. I totally underestimated the power of a good feeling putting into the creative process.

Another Illustration Friday is knocking on the door at midnight with an animalistic motto. I am sure, you´re able to tell what it is. Exactly, it´s fox and I was totally happy to draw these lovely, cute, fury friends. I know they are quiet hip right now in the pattern scene and this has truly a reason. I love their look and they are easily done. #illustrationfriday #weeklydesignchallenge #fox #surfacepattern
Big hugs,

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