Thursday, May 23, 2019


OMG, where does the time go? I try really hard to catch up with my designs but right now we have final exams at school where I work and this keeps my quite busy. Nevertheless I dragged myself on screen at nighttime to finish this design for the Illustration Friday farm topic. I picked 😀 a chicken pattern this time for a special reason.

My husband Mike (formerly known as a passionate biker) always wanted chicken in his backyard. I did not because I was scared they´d ruin my flowers so I struggled. Two month ago Mike had a round birthday and wasn´t very happy with it. Our kids and I tried to find something to cheer him up and so I decided to give in with the chicken. We bought "Wyandotts", a small, family friendly breed and made Mike very happy with it. The three chicken are with us for weeks now, they do wreck my flowers beds but on the other hand they are so funny. I truly love their feather patterns (mockers say, the chicken fit to our interieur - of course they do).

They used to live in a stable with many chicken. We let them run free when we are at home and they really love it, exploring the bushes, pecking for worms. I never thought I would say this but it´s quite allright to life with chicken. And they do give great inspirations for patterns.
Big hugs,

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