Thursday, May 30, 2019


Today I want to show you my favorite breakfast on weekends in a pattern. I´m a total lover of enjoying food in the mornings but during weekdays I´m so often not able to spend much time preparing myself some lovely food. So through Mondays to Fridays I bring myself some granola in a glass jar with oat milk and fresh fruits to work. On weekends it´s different. I´ll explain it to you later in this post. For now I´ll show you my Saturday/Sunday breakfast in one calm and 1:1-design and one in a pattern.

So my weekend-breakfast is made of wonderful things I love. I am a plant eater so there are no animal ingredients involved. I´m also allergic to wheat so spelt products are my first choice. And for healthy reasons I´m advised to avoid sugar at all. Okay, this sounds difficult and it is for people who want to invite me over for meals (it´s possible when I bring my own food). My favourite breakfast is this: First of all there are herbs I pick in my garden and turn them into a lovely tea. For drinks I also have oat milk and freshly squeezed orange-juice. Organic, seasonal foods are on my side and a lovely bowl of muesli (without any sugar). And on top of it all there is an oven-warm spelt bun waiting for me, spreaded with vegan butter and raw-stirred strawberry jam. Sometimes I even bake myself a vegan banana bread with walnuts. Mmmmmmhhhh.
What is your favorite breakfast?

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