Thursday, May 30, 2019


Today I want to show you my favorite breakfast on weekends in a pattern. I´m a total lover of enjoying food in the mornings but during weekdays I´m so often not able to spend much time preparing myself some lovely food. So through Mondays to Fridays I bring myself some granola in a glass jar with oat milk and fresh fruits to work. On weekends it´s different. I´ll explain it to you later in this post. For now I´ll show you my Saturday/Sunday breakfast in one calm and 1:1-design and one in a pattern.

So my weekend-breakfast is made of wonderful things I love. I am a plant eater so there are no animal ingredients involved. I´m also allergic to wheat so spelt products are my first choice. And for healthy reasons I´m advised to avoid sugar at all. Okay, this sounds difficult and it is for people who want to invite me over for meals (it´s possible when I bring my own food). My favourite breakfast is this: First of all there are herbs I pick in my garden and turn them into a lovely tea. For drinks I also have oat milk and freshly squeezed orange-juice. Organic, seasonal foods are on my side and a lovely bowl of muesli (without any sugar). And on top of it all there is an oven-warm spelt bun waiting for me, spreaded with vegan butter and raw-stirred strawberry jam. Sometimes I even bake myself a vegan banana bread with walnuts. Mmmmmmhhhh.
What is your favorite breakfast?


For this design I´m a little bit too late because the challenge was due almost three weeks ago. But I still want to post it anyway because I think it worked out quite nice. The topic was "Transportation" and since I truly wanted to do a design with sail-boats this was the opportunity.

I saw the image on my inner eye already before I banned it on paper and the computer. There should be waves and bubbles in the backround and of course lovely boats sailing on the water. So I made this happen. To complete the pattern I added some hearts because I thought they might look nice to it.

Friday, May 24, 2019


And another Illustration Friday is rolling by. This weeks topic is Throne and I had a hard time, designing one. Gosh, I guess I gained lots of grey hair while doing so. I never realised how much work it can be to draw a kings chair. I almost gave up on this pattern.

But well, now it is done and I think, it looks allright for the first try. And I learned a lot about myself during this lesson. I definately don´t want to pick up a career as a throne designer, this one is for absolutely sure (unless I change my mind and want all my hair to turn into greys and whites).


Do you also have this voice inside your head? The one who tells you all the time what you´re able to do and what you are not. Very often the voice speaks louder about the things we think we can´t do. And it turns into a whisper about the good stuff. The stuff we learned already in life, the goals we achieved and the skills we trained diligent to make us come to our present point of life.

This voice I´m speaking about is our inner believe system. We all have it, carry it with us. Sometimes this system stops us and sometimes it helps us achieve new goals. It depends on our own personality and how we were able to grow up. If we were able to built up confidence in our live we also raise our ability to trust our own intuitions. This means we love to move forward and collect courage on our way doing the things we love to do. So, it´s good to look inside because we are so much more than we think we are.
Big hugs,

Thursday, May 23, 2019


OMG, where does the time go? I try really hard to catch up with my designs but right now we have final exams at school where I work and this keeps my quite busy. Nevertheless I dragged myself on screen at nighttime to finish this design for the Illustration Friday farm topic. I picked 😀 a chicken pattern this time for a special reason.

My husband Mike (formerly known as a passionate biker) always wanted chicken in his backyard. I did not because I was scared they´d ruin my flowers so I struggled. Two month ago Mike had a round birthday and wasn´t very happy with it. Our kids and I tried to find something to cheer him up and so I decided to give in with the chicken. We bought "Wyandotts", a small, family friendly breed and made Mike very happy with it. The three chicken are with us for weeks now, they do wreck my flowers beds but on the other hand they are so funny. I truly love their feather patterns (mockers say, the chicken fit to our interieur - of course they do).

They used to live in a stable with many chicken. We let them run free when we are at home and they really love it, exploring the bushes, pecking for worms. I never thought I would say this but it´s quite allright to life with chicken. And they do give great inspirations for patterns.
Big hugs,