Wednesday, February 6, 2019


I am in my design room, making another pattern and my creative soul is happy. Last week I made doodles and liked them so much that I wanted to have these as a part of a design. And of course I had to use the Pantone Colour of 2019 "Living coral" for the first time. Uhh yeah.

Design: Evelyn Lara'Ana Rosner   MockUp:

The quote is a perfect fit for my recent experiences while giving coaching lessons. As a spiritual companion I love it when people visit me to get some answers for their troubles in life. In most cases my guests are open and willing to let go of their pain and fear. With this intention ease and freedom can be invited and integrated into life. There are also wonderful people in this world who don´t want this offer. They don´t want to open up for help because they might not be finished with the brave experience they´ve chosen to make we try to rescue them from. Everybody takes it´s own time on this road of life and maybe some "sleep" longer than others before awakening starts. One day we´ll all know who we truly are.

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