Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Are you a person who writes to-do lists? So am I. I love making plans about the things I want to accomplish in my daily routine like getting groceries, picking up my kids from town, cleaning something inside the house, etc. It´s a never ending story and if I´m true to myself, I rarely get my list done, although I try so very hard. And even if I make it, there is always new stuff coming up that keeps me busy. My to-do list never makes me happy because it is the documented sign of the mountain that stands always in front of me and there is no chance that I´m able to decrease it´s size one day.

I gave a good thinking of this one because after I realized my to-do-list never makes me happy then there must be something out there that helps me feel good about my chores in a different kind of way.
Soon after that I stumbled over an article in the magazine "Flow" from Aaf Brandt Cortius, a dutch writer. Aaf reported about Christiene Barberich, chief editor of the online-magazine Refinery and her way of working with done lists. I liked the idea immediately and started with my own done-lists.
It had an instantely effect on me because while switching from my to-do-list to the done-list I could feel the stress that caused the things that needed to be done. And I could also feel the pride of myself after I tracked down all the things I accomplished. Wow, what an impact. I didn´t know beforehand how much I had worked with.
So, dear lovely to-do-list-writter.
What would you write on your done list after this week is over? Try it and you will feel the difference. Have fun finding your pride in this subject.
Lots of love,

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