Sunday, February 17, 2019


Illustration Friday, the weekly design challenge had "Fire" as this weeks topic. I came up with this design.This time I really had an overdose of perfection. Whenever I thought the picture was final, there came something up to tell me it´s not. The design truly talked to me and I listend and worked on it for days. I could still give passion into it though but gave myself permission to stop before I screw it up. It absolutely has wonderful, powerful energy and effect.

I love the quote very much and found it several years ago while being on a 3,5 years training for becoming a free flying witch myself. The history of the inquisition was part of the training in the first level of witch school and I found it quite threatening how involuntarily women were accused and sentenced to death because of their healing skills.

Every woman has healing power and very often, this skill wakes up when she gives birth to children. The inquistion raged 800 years long and stopped 1775 but it is so deeply drained in our cells and was passed on to further generations that many nowadays women are still affected by it. Are you one of them? Do you allow yourself to listen to your inner healer? Or are you very careful with showing your healing skills? Do you have forgotten about them at all? Or do you hide yourself out of fear because you could get punished for who you truly are? Let me tell you this. There is no need to be afraid of waking up your healing power. You are capable of amazing things. Every woman is. We are all healers. Together we´re able to cure the world. So lets get together ladies around the globe in purpose of sending salvation all over the planet. Take us all by our hands. It is time to let the (healing) magic happen.
Loads of love,

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