Sunday, February 17, 2019


Illustration Friday, the weekly design challenge had "Fire" as this weeks topic. I came up with this design.This time I really had an overdose of perfection. Whenever I thought the picture was final, there came something up to tell me it´s not. The design truly talked to me and I listend and worked on it for days. I could still give passion into it though but gave myself permission to stop before I screw it up. It absolutely has wonderful, powerful energy and effect.

I love the quote very much and found it several years ago while being on a 3,5 years training for becoming a free flying witch myself. The history of the inquisition was part of the training in the first level of witch school and I found it quite threatening how involuntarily women were accused and sentenced to death because of their healing skills.

Every woman has healing power and very often, this skill wakes up when she gives birth to children. The inquistion raged 800 years long and stopped 1775 but it is so deeply drained in our cells and was passed on to further generations that many nowadays women are still affected by it. Are you one of them? Do you allow yourself to listen to your inner healer? Or are you very careful with showing your healing skills? Do you have forgotten about them at all? Or do you hide yourself out of fear because you could get punished for who you truly are? Let me tell you this. There is no need to be afraid of waking up your healing power. You are capable of amazing things. Every woman is. We are all healers. Together we´re able to cure the world. So lets get together ladies around the globe in purpose of sending salvation all over the planet. Take us all by our hands. It is time to let the (healing) magic happen.
Loads of love,

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


This week I am earlier with my weekly "Design-meets-Consciousness"-Series and my pattern is finished already. I loved to draw these little circles and it made me feel relaxed and calm while doodeling them. Surely this pattern will show up more than once, maybe in different colours.

"Your best teacher is your last mistake" - this quote found me several weeks ago and I´m a huge fan of the meaning of it. As a born perfectionist it isn´t easy for me to deal with mistakes because I always dreamed of a perfect life with no failures around at all. But how boring would this life be. I would never learn anything because things would always run smooth. I also dream of a life full of wisdom and sageness and I guess the road to this goal is full of mistakes I´d rather name experiences because that´s what they are. They help us grow.
Have a happy Tuesday, love.

Thursday, February 7, 2019


Wow, I was almost late for this weeks Illustration Friday because I couldn´t make up my mind what motif I´d like to draw that flies. I wanted butterflies in the first place but didn´t like my drawings for that one. The entire week long I was looking and hoping for artsy and witty inspirations and found none.

So today I came back to my first idea and tried to draw lots of different butterflies. I didn´t really feel a connection though while designing and I only liked the look of one motif. As for the colours: I truly wanted a colour combination that brings a feeling of spring with it. We still have cold weather and I can´t wait for the warmer and brighter days to come. So this pattern is a little outlook for nicer days to come.
Have a wonderful Thursday wherever you are.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019


I am in my design room, making another pattern and my creative soul is happy. Last week I made doodles and liked them so much that I wanted to have these as a part of a design. And of course I had to use the Pantone Colour of 2019 "Living coral" for the first time. Uhh yeah.

Design: Evelyn Lara'Ana Rosner   MockUp:

The quote is a perfect fit for my recent experiences while giving coaching lessons. As a spiritual companion I love it when people visit me to get some answers for their troubles in life. In most cases my guests are open and willing to let go of their pain and fear. With this intention ease and freedom can be invited and integrated into life. There are also wonderful people in this world who don´t want this offer. They don´t want to open up for help because they might not be finished with the brave experience they´ve chosen to make we try to rescue them from. Everybody takes it´s own time on this road of life and maybe some "sleep" longer than others before awakening starts. One day we´ll all know who we truly are.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Are you a person who writes to-do lists? So am I. I love making plans about the things I want to accomplish in my daily routine like getting groceries, picking up my kids from town, cleaning something inside the house, etc. It´s a never ending story and if I´m true to myself, I rarely get my list done, although I try so very hard. And even if I make it, there is always new stuff coming up that keeps me busy. My to-do list never makes me happy because it is the documented sign of the mountain that stands always in front of me and there is no chance that I´m able to decrease it´s size one day.

I gave a good thinking of this one because after I realized my to-do-list never makes me happy then there must be something out there that helps me feel good about my chores in a different kind of way.
Soon after that I stumbled over an article in the magazine "Flow" from Aaf Brandt Cortius, a dutch writer. Aaf reported about Christiene Barberich, chief editor of the online-magazine Refinery and her way of working with done lists. I liked the idea immediately and started with my own done-lists.
It had an instantely effect on me because while switching from my to-do-list to the done-list I could feel the stress that caused the things that needed to be done. And I could also feel the pride of myself after I tracked down all the things I accomplished. Wow, what an impact. I didn´t know beforehand how much I had worked with.
So, dear lovely to-do-list-writter.
What would you write on your done list after this week is over? Try it and you will feel the difference. Have fun finding your pride in this subject.
Lots of love,

Monday, February 4, 2019


I was in the mood illustrating a picture of things that muse and inspire me. Of course there is always something to do better but still I´m training my skills to get better and better. And finally one day I´ll reach my goals and live a happy, artsy life. Hooray.


We´re going through an exciting time. 20 years ago when I started to work with family constellation systems (= a therapeutic system discovered by the german Bert Hellinger) there was a big difference to the nowadays noticablility. In the olden days there was mostly one topic that showed up and wanted to be healed. After the constellation process it took time for the topic to heal and finally to disappear. Sometimes it took years until the next topic came up. With patience and humility one theme after the other rised up bit by bit and wanted to be removed off ones soul like an onion skin to bring lightness back into someones life.

After our planet started to raise it´s vibration sequences, topics showed up faster and it took less time in-between family constellations until the next theme showed up. 

Nowadays the vibration sequences went up even higher and the topics that want to be healed inside humans show up all at once. That means, we see and feel conflicts in so many parts of our lives. We try to get them under control but sometimes we don´t know where to start. This brings coaches of the new time on the list because they know where to start and they know, what to do. But how can you identify coaches of the new times? I´ll describe here, what coaches of the new times should be able to do. First of all they should be conscious about the fact that many things show up at once. It needs patience to wait, what in all comes up and the abilitiy to really look at it and find the difference what this is all about. Where do the variations of energy belong to? How much of it should be brought into a good solution in one setting and where does ist make sense to let time work for the client. 

A coach of the new time acts with stability, clearness and is self-centred and grounded out of his/her own inner balance.
A coach of the new times knows the borders of his/her profession. We cannot take over the healing process of a client because he/she decides unconsciously him/herself, when a topic is ready to be healed and how much time this will take.
A coach of the new times uses his/her abilities wary and attentive and takes care of his/her own topics that also rise up. That means, he/she gets help when needed to bring light into the own shadows.
If you want to know more about family constellation systems feel free to write an email to me.
If you try to find a coach of the new time, I´d be happy to help.

Friday, February 1, 2019


Illustration Friday, the weekly art challenge is on once more and this week I´ll join the topic: Galaxy.
That was so much fun designing the orbit with lots of planets around.

I don´t have much to say to this post today. I join this challenge to get better with my drawings and to climb up to higher levels of my design work. It is good practise and I am a big fan of it.
Maybe you´d like to draw your own galaxy, too and submit your illustration here /
Big hugs,