Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Gosh, I had a long day teaching today and whenever I leave school after working long hours my head hurts. Luckily I had a good dinner with lovely, healthy oven-baked vegetables and after enjoying that I felt much better again. Good enough to design this pattern of lanterns. I picked asian, joyful colours for this one because my soul truly wants the summer to come back. It is snowing once more here in Germany and we do have it quite cold outside.

I found the quote on pinterest and I like it very much because it is a daily reminder to always let the inner light shine so the right people will see it and find you. Before I started my training as a Conscious Coach I wasn´t happy of attracting a certain type of people. I tried hard to let my light shine but there lived some unhealed topics inside of me that made me get connected with personalities I just didn´t feel good to be around with. I couldn´t explain it back then but today I know why. I didn´t like the issues they carried because they were similar to mine and unconsciously I wanted these topics inside of me to be cured. Years later, still on the road of healing inside, my life feels easier and lighter and people I invite into my life are more the ones that are close to my inner picture. I know, there is still some work to do but I dare to let my light shine bright so I´ll find the ones who inspire me to inspire them as well. I want to invite you to also turn your light on so the right people will find you.
Lots and lots of love,

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