Saturday, January 26, 2019


Today I made myself a list about 5 things I´d like to add to my life. I came up with this idea because I had the feeling of spending too much time with the wrong things. So I startet this reminder to keep myself on track.

1. Watch less TV: First of all I desperately want to watch less TV. It´s not that I watch it during daytime but in the evenings even there is nothing on I´m interested it. But still I sit there and look at it instead of spending my time with a good book or some doodling. For bringing my plan to action I bought myself a TV guide for the next two weeks and flipped through it which movies I´d like to see. I discovered that there is only one movie that´s of interest for me which means the TV should be on for only one evening in the next two weeks.

2. Positive thinking: Positive thinking is another major goal of mine. I truly want to do mind hygiene in the next three weeks and transform negative thoughts into positive ones. The brain needs three weeks to practise an exercise until it becomes a routine. So I hope, in three weeks the positive thinking might be a habit and I´m able to use it on a regular base. My daily mantra is: "My life is filled with love, light, ease, wealth and joy".

3. Try new stuff every day: I love the beginner spirit when things feel totally need and I try and fail until I get better. This is so good for the brain and brings new experiences.
For the start I´ll start silkscreenprinting again and secondly I´d love to learn how to pour porcelain. This might be good challenges for the start of a new year.

4. Ask for help more often: This is something I´m hardly able to do. It is so hard for me to ask others to do me a favour. I always have the feeling to give something back to them the minute they did something for me which is quite good to keep the balance.So family, friends, worksmates and neighbours watch out I´m about to come and ask for help (when I´m brave enough).

5. Be braver with my life: Sometimes I don´t show myself, hide my opinion when more people are around or do things I don´t want to do to please others. When I was younger I did this on a normal basis and was hardly able to feel myself. Then I started to listen more and more to myself and my intuition and the more I did this the less I was willing to do compromises. This year will be my even-less-willingness-to-weak-compromises-year and I´ve startet it already. I ask myself what I truly want and then I try to find a good way of reaching it. 2019 will be my year of doing everythings I love to do in my life. I´ll keep you updated on this one.

What are your 5 things you´d like to add to your life?
Lots of love,

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