Monday, January 28, 2019


The new year 2019 is already called the year where more people will reach "spiritual awakening" than ever. As a ConsiousCoach and a shaman-to-be I´m open for topics like that and today I´d like to share this question with you. But first of all "What is the meaning of "awakening" and why in a "spiritual way?"

"Spiritual awakening" means we remember who we truly are in our soul and we remember individually why we are here on this planet.

Let´s look at it from the start.
In it´s origin, a soul is equiped with indidual talents and skills while being "formed". Every soul is (in difference to our body) immortal which means we carry these individual talents and skills with us on all our travels through different kind of lives, forming and shaping these gifts while collecting experiences.

In our former lives we used these talents on a regular basis without wondering or asking ourselves why we´re able to do so. Later on many of us have forgotten about the skills we individually carry because of painful experiences and heavyness we collected on our journeys. Those came down on many of us like severe blankets. We spiritually fell asleep and lost the connection to our truly inner being. Through lots and lots of lives. Until now.

In this incarnation things will be different. Our planet is currently going through the so-called adjustment phase. This means, the earth raises continuously it´s vibration. We do live on this planet and so we are also affected by this because we also have to adjust. All dark experiences we collected inside of us carry low vibrations. When our planet vibrates higher, these dark experiences get tossed up inside of us because they want to leave our system. This process is quite painful for many because everything our souls have seen, experienced or suffered from comes back to us in all different kind of feelings. It affects our well-being physically, mentally and emotionally.

Very often the process of awakening comes with discovering more sensitive sensory experiences. We see, feel, hear, etc. more intense. This can be frightening especially for people who don´t know what is going on. There is no need to worry.
Once we are through the challenging process and brought cure to our experiences (this can take a while) the road is clear for the process of awakening.

This means, we start discovering ourselves with all talents and skills. We´ll be able to see our origin, inner light and we´ll be able to bring this light to a wonderful glow. More and more we start doing things we truly love to do. This is the time we´ll create heaven on earth.

Bye for now and lots of love,

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