Friday, November 16, 2018


Oh gosh, I´m such a lame blogger these days and I truly need to apologize for this. My life is so busy right now, especially my school-job. Since September I´m able to teach "Design" in three different classes which I love very much. It also keeps me very busy getting prepared for each lesson until I´ll grow a routine in this. There is lots of creativity in my life though but I don´t find the time of sharing it properly.

So finally I was able to finish this design and I was also able to fix it on a mock-up. Yeah, this makes me so very proud. I thought a lot about presenting my art-work more professionell and this is the start of it. Of course, there is still enough to learnabout it but hey, every journey starts with the first step.
And here is mine.
Bye for now,

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