Wednesday, November 21, 2018


A couple of days ago this truly amazing and artsy animal allies oracle cards set arrived at my place. Jessica Swift, a wonderful artist from Portland, USA made these and I couldn´t wait to order my deck of cards from her. I love Jessicas designs and the fact, that she brings a deeper level of spirituality into her artwork. She is very inspiring to me because she lets her inner light shine bright to the outside for others to see. You can find more of her wall art, stationery, phone cases or this magical set of cards here

In the shamanistic world animal totems are spirits in animal characters and they offer wise and gentle guidance on life´s journey.

Of course I had to open my new purchase right away. First I admired all these animals Jessica had painted with so much passion and love. After that I took my time and "felt" the cards. That means I looked at the energy each animal reveals. The deck is such a beautiful and spiritual piece of art.

There are multiple ways to use this deck. I love to mix the cards first. Then I stack them up in a neat, unsorted pile with the pictures down so I can´t see the. Then I center myself and pick a card out of the pile my inner intuition wants. After that I look at the cards, feel it´s energy and read in the guidance that comes with the deck the meaning of the card.

First of all my inner self picked the dragonfly. In short version the dragonfly stands for illusion and change. Things are not always as they appear, so it´s important to find out what to change or transform in life. This fits totally (of course) into my actual situation because I had just started to feel the need of spending more fueling time on things I truly love like going to art museums or exhibitions. So it´s time to step into action because with the help of the cards I am clear now about the things I want to change.

My plan is to pick a card each day to get a clearer vision about my inner self. And of course I´ll love to show the cards to my clients I work with in my coaching lessons. They might like the spiritual guidance, too.
Have a wonderful day doing all the things you love to do with passion.

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