Saturday, November 24, 2018


The rainy weather makes me want to stay in my creative room forever. I did some experimenting with parchment paper and also with felt and produced three different sized paper lanterns and several felt acorns. I like the look of both so I combined them in a decoration object.

And this is how you can make the lanterns and acorns yourself:

1. The paper lanterns:

You need:
- three sheets of parchment paper
- a black finliner pencil
- roll-on adhesive
- three tea candles

First you cut the parchment paper the size you want the lanterns to be. After that you draw different motifs on the paper. Then you glue roll-on adhesive on one end and glue the end parts together. Give them a nice place to be and put tea candles into the centre. It´s as easy as that.

2. The felt acorns:

You need:
- the top part/hat of acorns. It´s called cupule
- felt wool (colours of your choice) - I picked grey and brown shades
- warm, soapy water
- vinegar
- liquid glue

To make on felt acorn you take a cupule and look at it´s size. Then you take a string of felt wool and roll it into a ball. Dunk the dry ball into the soapy water and drain it. Get it out of the water. Then start rolling the ball over and over again until it get´s into some sort of oval shape. The longer you roll, the firmer it gets. If the ball is still too small for the cupule, add some more strings, dip it into the water and roll again until you reach a rather tight oval that fits your cupule.
Wash the oval under cold water to remove all soapy su
ds. Mix vinegar with water (1:1) and dip the oval into the mix. This makes the wool connect even firmer so your products stays combined. Rinse again with plain water. Let your oval ball sit on a piece of paper for 1-2 days until it´s completely dry.
(Meanwhile you can start to make more felt balls in different colours). After your ball is dry, you take it, the cupule and liquid glue. You pour some glue into the cupule and press the oval ball into it. Hold it together for a couple of minutes until the glue starts doing it´s job. Done.

Have fun trying,

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


A couple of days ago this truly amazing and artsy animal allies oracle cards set arrived at my place. Jessica Swift, a wonderful artist from Portland, USA made these and I couldn´t wait to order my deck of cards from her. I love Jessicas designs and the fact, that she brings a deeper level of spirituality into her artwork. She is very inspiring to me because she lets her inner light shine bright to the outside for others to see. You can find more of her wall art, stationery, phone cases or this magical set of cards here

In the shamanistic world animal totems are spirits in animal characters and they offer wise and gentle guidance on life´s journey.

Of course I had to open my new purchase right away. First I admired all these animals Jessica had painted with so much passion and love. After that I took my time and "felt" the cards. That means I looked at the energy each animal reveals. The deck is such a beautiful and spiritual piece of art.

There are multiple ways to use this deck. I love to mix the cards first. Then I stack them up in a neat, unsorted pile with the pictures down so I can´t see the. Then I center myself and pick a card out of the pile my inner intuition wants. After that I look at the cards, feel it´s energy and read in the guidance that comes with the deck the meaning of the card.

First of all my inner self picked the dragonfly. In short version the dragonfly stands for illusion and change. Things are not always as they appear, so it´s important to find out what to change or transform in life. This fits totally (of course) into my actual situation because I had just started to feel the need of spending more fueling time on things I truly love like going to art museums or exhibitions. So it´s time to step into action because with the help of the cards I am clear now about the things I want to change.

My plan is to pick a card each day to get a clearer vision about my inner self. And of course I´ll love to show the cards to my clients I work with in my coaching lessons. They might like the spiritual guidance, too.
Have a wonderful day doing all the things you love to do with passion.

Friday, November 16, 2018


Very often we try to fit in. Either at school or in our daily jobs, with your spouses and friends. We try to fit in because we want to feel loved. Doing this we hide our real selves and we also lose our authenticity. And even worse we attract people who act the same way.
Mock-up source:
If we dare to show our truly unique personality then we start to attract people who will love our real inner light. And this can happen if we honestly start to love ourselves at first. So let´s hug yourself and start to grow the seed of self love from deep inside your heart.
You are immeasurably loved.


Oh gosh, I´m such a lame blogger these days and I truly need to apologize for this. My life is so busy right now, especially my school-job. Since September I´m able to teach "Design" in three different classes which I love very much. It also keeps me very busy getting prepared for each lesson until I´ll grow a routine in this. There is lots of creativity in my life though but I don´t find the time of sharing it properly.

So finally I was able to finish this design and I was also able to fix it on a mock-up. Yeah, this makes me so very proud. I thought a lot about presenting my art-work more professionell and this is the start of it. Of course, there is still enough to learnabout it but hey, every journey starts with the first step.
And here is mine.
Bye for now,