Wednesday, October 3, 2018


I am very fond of my smartphone. It brings informations from my family and friends to me. It helps me, telling others about my being as a Coach. And I´m able to connect via social media with lovely, artsy people all around the globe to admire their artwork the minute they load it up. This makes advertising and networking so very easy and inspiring.

On the other hand it scares me how much control this little cyberphone has on me/us. It really transforms us into "Smombies" (connection of smartphone and zombie) while standing or sitting somewhere with fixed eyes banned on the screen. Isn´t this spooky? I often wish to have more time for designing or singing but instead of being productive I catch myself sitting on the sofa, getting entertained by Facebook or Instagram. This feels so wrong to me especially when I feel that I could spend time on qualitiy things right now. So I truly had to design a little reminder for this. A wake up call for spending more time away from the phone. It is really worth a try.

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