Saturday, September 22, 2018


Isn´t it the nicest place for somebody to be? Inside of a hug with a person that is important to us, that we are in love with? Hugs have a huge healing component when we are able to open our heart while being hugged. Love flows literally from heart to heart while being embraced and makes us feel good.

I love being hugged by my husband, my kids, my parents and family, good friends, workmates, and people I am fond of. I also love the free-hugs campaign and ran into a girl in Munich ones who offered some in the pedestrian zone. We were total strangers to each other. She was standing there, holding a sign above her head that offered "Free hugs" and I came towards her and we embraced each other happily to bring peace and love into this world.

So, lots of free hugs with peace, love and happiness to you and your loved ones, wherever you are on this planet right now and no matter in what situation you are in. Have a wonderful and lovely day and don´t forget to hug your loved ones.


Last week I totally was in the mood of sending a new motif in for Illustration Friday. The weeks topic was "Fear" so I tried to capture it in a pattern.

Originally I also wanted to involve spiders and other cruel things that people could be scared of but I didn´t like how it turned out. So I stuck to the fearfull faces.
Bye for now and have a fearless day,

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Today I had my first art class as a teacher at school and I was very excited about it. 20 years ago I worked as an arts-and crafts-teacher in a summer camp in New York and had the change of teaching kids to become creative. This time I work with grown-ups and I didn´t know what to expect today. Things worked out well and I´m thrilled and have to get rid of my adrenaline overdose of todays excitement. So I made a pattern with lots and lots of hearts.

The more creativity comes into my life, the more I love getting up in the mornings. I truly, truly, truly would love to create my very own soul business with combining creativity, music and coaching. I picture this "job" as often as I can and I am sure, it will become reality one day.
Bigs hugs,

Saturday, September 15, 2018


This motif comes a little bit too late because holiday season is over already and people returned to their jobs, still feeling relaxed after their days off during summer, I guess. But well, it won´t be too long until pre-christmas stress will start and so this one is a good reminder of not overdoing it this time.

And the pattern is also a bit of a combination of "summer-is-over-and-Halloween-is-about-to-come"
atmosphere. I like the quote very much and it makes me laugh whenever I read it or see my passport photo. Depending on this picture I would need trips all year long.
How about you? Do you have a more relaxed photo on your passport?


The new school year has started last week here in Germany and the days rushed by so fast, I could hardly think of anything else besides planing the design classes I´m about to teach. Luckily I found some spare time yesterday of doing my own projects. Uhh yeah.

I found a quote that said: Don´t be eye candy - be soulfood and I thought, why can´t we be both of it.
Isn´t it nice to be cute and soulwarming to others as well. So I had to do this pattern combining both of it. I have to say, I like this one better (have I mentioned before I´m a perfectionist?). I want the entire package.
Bye for now,