Tuesday, August 14, 2018


I truly, desperatley wanted to make a cactus-design this summer because I love these little, prickly creatures. I had so much fun drawing different ones, giving each a unique look and I knew instantly from the start this design would work out fine. Nothing beats a design-process based on love. With that every part falls into place smoothly right away.

I found this lovely quote that fits perfectly to the cactus-creatures. If we have a wound inside of us, then we need time healing. If we keep on touching it, we disturb the process of cure. If we touch a cactus constantly, we get hurt over and over again. If we get in contact with a person regularly that hurts us or doesn´t make us feel good, our heart cannot heal. First of all we need to find our blind spot why we invited this person or situation into our life. After that we´re able to heal.
There is the saying: "Time is a great healer". Through my work as a ConsciousCoach I learned that this saying is only true if we are willing to look at our own part of the situation. When we are clear with this question, the wound has the chance to heal. If not, we attract the situation into our lives over and over again until we learned the lesson.


Summer vacation is on and I have so much wonderful time I´m able to spend designing. This feels so good, relaxing and refreshing. As many countries in the world, Germany suffered from a heat wave the last couple of weeks. It was a challenge to get through this physically and emotionally. We passed it now but there ist still coming some energy in afterwards that is very confronting.

Hidden fears show up, ego-structures come to the surface, negative feelings arise and lead to arguments. On a collective level we can feel a lack awareness. This means we have a constant feeling of things we don´t have in our lives like time, joy, lightness, health. We do have a choice in this and we´re able to switch lack into wealth on every level in our being. We just need to turn our focus.
Have a wonderful tuesday today.
Lots of love,