Sunday, July 1, 2018


I love charismatic, energizing, inspiring people. They do so much shine from within, have a spark of life and they trigger powerful emotions in those around them.
The fact that you don´t have to be born that way is very relaxing because there is always the possibility of growing into a charismatic person if you aren´t shining naturally from within.

 This is how you can turn easily your inner light on:
1.   Show passion, joy, pleasure and happiness while making new experiences.
2.   Be confident and grow your own self-worth.
3.   Celebrate your strength, your abilities, your knowledge and your worth.
4.   Share your confidence with others so they feel stronger in your presence.
5.   Believe in something powerful and share this with others.
6.   Be lively, diligent and committed.
7.   Tell true and meaningful stories, practise humor, metaphor and symbolism.
8.   Entertain while you inform.
9.   Be emphatical and focus your eyes, ears and soul on the person in front of you.
10. Make others feels special and interesting.

Every day I pick one of the upper "light switches" and for intensive pracitse I try to integrate the chosen one in my daily life. Bit by bit I improve, lighten my inner self and turn into a better version of me. Of course, there´s always something to learn but isn´t this, what life is all about?


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