Sunday, June 24, 2018


Born in the Zodiac Sign "Virgo" I found out several years ago, that people who are born in this star sign are often overly critical to themself and others. They always hope to be the best version of their own person. Well, I am not a big fan of generalization but for my very own person, this definition is so true. When it comes to rethinking a past situation, I often think about things that didn´t work out smooth, like things I didn´t dare to say or feelings I didn´t dare to express. This can be quite haunting and guess what? It doesn´t help me a bit because I don´t change a thing any more because the situations is over.

So I started finding a new solution instead of being my own worst nightmare. I set myself a big goal: I want to become brave enough to show my real and true inner me to the outside world. For this it is mostly important to be forgiving to myself because I am still a learner (and I´ll be one for the rest of my life anyway). I make experiences and they help me grow into a authentic me. I´ll make mistakes along the way and they help me find myself. Isn´t that a beautiful thought.
Do you want to come along. I´d love to have company on the way.

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