Sunday, June 24, 2018


Hello, all you loved ones. It´s been a while since my last pattern came out and I really missed being creative. Right before our trip to Thailand I started making mixed media designs because I wasn´t satisfied with my former motifs any more. They started making me feel bored and I wanted to try something new for becoming excited again. Somehow I lost this track again being abroad. I feel like jumping back on that train once more but don´t feel a big longing for it. I have the feeling of going out into this world, collecting new ideas and finding objects, places and people that muse me. I really need to show myself in my art and I don´t know, how to start. (Wow, this phrase could work very good in a song line).

Well, lets talk about my dragonfly-motif. I don´t know why I choose these insects in my pattern because I´m not that keen on animal motifs. (It depends on the animals, though.) I liked the fact, that dragonflies have several wings I could draw patterns in. The quote is one, I often think about when I work as a ConsciousCoach with clients. Some ask me frequentely, why humans have to collect experiences in life that hurt. If we go on a higher spiritual level, the answer is this: We are here on this planet to collect experiences. Some make us feel good, some don´t. There are many, different reasons why we collect certain experiences. Very often the reasons have to do with family and ancestors or even with former live of ours. This depends on the backround we bring with us into this incarnation. For the next step it helps to look closer behind this curtain because if we know what we brought along, we get a better understanding why we collect certain experiences. We all have a meaning in life. We all have a mission in life. Every experience we make, forms us so we´re able to become the person we shall be to fullfill our task in life. If we look closer, we´re able to understand our unique reason of being. This is very exciting.
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