Monday, April 2, 2018


Right know we live in very moving times. There are a lot of old feelings showing up inside of us. Our Ego is in a crisis, trying to be very loud, shoving up old und unsolved feelings we carried around for years or even decades. It is not that easy staying out of arguments these days because we feels lots of "dark" feelings like fear, worries, rage, etc. Everything that is opposite from love.

This happens as long as we are not willing to look closely at our true inner feelings and guidance. The more we try to avoid this closer look the more exhausting it will be for us because now is the perfect time to allow ourselves a new way of being. It is important to get a lot of rest and recreation during this process. We have to wait and let this happen. Every day, lightness comes back to us bit by bit. Relaxation will be possible again and every time, we´re able to feel the old Ego again, there are even more old structures leaving. It is a good sign and we can help ourselves with connecting to our souls. Everything we need is already inside of us and it is time to start this new and exciting journey from the depth of our souls.
Welcome to this amazing part of life.

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