Monday, April 2, 2018


This is a quote that is daily on my side right now. As I have written earlier we´re in the middle of moving times. Our ego is very exhausting right now and it isn´t that easy to stay away from verbal fights or arguments. It is possible we project a lot on other people right now. It is also possible other people project a lot on us these days. If a person treats you in a special kind of way, it says a lot about this human being. Love is the highest feeling we can get from somebody else. The opposite is also possible and doesn´t feel very comfortable. The range between love and hate is quite huge and we all know what it´s like to be treated in a way we don´t feel good with.

If we stay and act friendly, even if we get treated in a certain kind of way, we don´t get in resonance with the behaviour of the person that is addressing it on us. If we get mad or even furious or fuming, we do go in resonance and have a subject with it as well that isn´t healed yet. So, it´s always good to check our reactions on somebodies treatment and we get lots of answers while listening to our inner voice in situations like these.

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