Monday, April 2, 2018


This is such a funny quote. I had to use it urgently. But what is Telekinesis? Wikipedia says: Telekinesis is an alleged psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction. Natives like the australian aborignies used to work with telekinesis while sending each others informations through their minds, sometimes far apart from each others. So it is a very old system, we have forgotten about.

We´re all able to do telekinesis. It just takes some training to "get" the informations properly. Some people are naturals. They´re able to do it without any teaching. Some people believe they are not able to do it at all. This is a blockade in their believe system and when they get rid of this individual dogma, it is possible to learn telekinesis. It is very easy and once it is learned, we can "talk" to others humans, to animals and even to plants without speaking a word out loud. And the best thing is, we get a reply. Just try it yourself. Go to your pet and ask a question in your mind, regarding to your pets life. As soon as you formed your question it is send to your pet automatically. Now wait very shortly until you get an answer. As soon as you asked you will get the answer rising up in your mind. It´ll feel like your own thought. You´ll absolutely know it´s your pets answer, when the thought is surprising to you. Go ahead. Ask your dog, what walking route he/she likes best. Ask your cat, if he/she likes the food you´re feeding. Ask your fish, if he/she is happy with the size of the fish tank.
You´ll be fascinated, how easy it is to communicate that way. And you´ll be surprised, what your pet has to tell you because once the gates are open, you´ll get more and more answers you maybe haven´t asked for. Have fun, trying.

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