Monday, April 9, 2018


Ahhhh, finally spring arrived in Central Europe and we had such a wonderful weekend full of lovely and sunny days. My vital spirits are returning and I truly, urgently felt the need to do some creative stuff. A couple of weeks ago I ran into a wonderful peace of fabric in blue and white. The design is  called Fresh Dots and I haven´t found out yet, what company stands behind this lovely piece of art.

Just shortly after my bargain I accidently stumbled over the same design, this time in curry/mustard and white. It must be a different company because the fabric is thicker and heavier. Of course I had to purchase this one as well and also found two lovely zippers that fit perfectly well - one in dark blue and one in curry yellow. I made my way to the sewing machine and just 30 minutes later these two lovely bags were made. Jippieh. I am so happy they turned out so well and there is still fabric left for more ideas to come.
Bye for now - I hope, you also have wonderful sunshine.

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