Thursday, April 12, 2018


How very often we are unfluenced by our mind. It keeps telling us, what to do or what we shouldn´t do, mostly out of believe systems we learned when we were young or out of fear we experienced in our childhood. Our thoughts are rarely quiet and while we listen to this loud voice inside of us, it is impossible for us to listen to our soul.

It isn´t easy to bring our mind to silence. But it is truly worth it because if we do so, we´re able to hear our soul speak. First we might hear it in whispers, later on, when we get used to it, we´ll hear it clearer. Our soul knows the way in our life´s journey and if we listen to it, we´ll get a wonderful road map were to go and what to explore. Our soul knows what we need to learn to bring up our talents and potentials to live a happy, fullfilled life. The only thing we need is trust to our inner guidance.

Monday, April 9, 2018


Ahhhh, finally spring arrived in Central Europe and we had such a wonderful weekend full of lovely and sunny days. My vital spirits are returning and I truly, urgently felt the need to do some creative stuff. A couple of weeks ago I ran into a wonderful peace of fabric in blue and white. The design is  called Fresh Dots and I haven´t found out yet, what company stands behind this lovely piece of art.

Just shortly after my bargain I accidently stumbled over the same design, this time in curry/mustard and white. It must be a different company because the fabric is thicker and heavier. Of course I had to purchase this one as well and also found two lovely zippers that fit perfectly well - one in dark blue and one in curry yellow. I made my way to the sewing machine and just 30 minutes later these two lovely bags were made. Jippieh. I am so happy they turned out so well and there is still fabric left for more ideas to come.
Bye for now - I hope, you also have wonderful sunshine.

Monday, April 2, 2018


This is a quote that is daily on my side right now. As I have written earlier we´re in the middle of moving times. Our ego is very exhausting right now and it isn´t that easy to stay away from verbal fights or arguments. It is possible we project a lot on other people right now. It is also possible other people project a lot on us these days. If a person treats you in a special kind of way, it says a lot about this human being. Love is the highest feeling we can get from somebody else. The opposite is also possible and doesn´t feel very comfortable. The range between love and hate is quite huge and we all know what it´s like to be treated in a way we don´t feel good with.

If we stay and act friendly, even if we get treated in a certain kind of way, we don´t get in resonance with the behaviour of the person that is addressing it on us. If we get mad or even furious or fuming, we do go in resonance and have a subject with it as well that isn´t healed yet. So, it´s always good to check our reactions on somebodies treatment and we get lots of answers while listening to our inner voice in situations like these.


This is such a funny quote. I had to use it urgently. But what is Telekinesis? Wikipedia says: Telekinesis is an alleged psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction. Natives like the australian aborignies used to work with telekinesis while sending each others informations through their minds, sometimes far apart from each others. So it is a very old system, we have forgotten about.

We´re all able to do telekinesis. It just takes some training to "get" the informations properly. Some people are naturals. They´re able to do it without any teaching. Some people believe they are not able to do it at all. This is a blockade in their believe system and when they get rid of this individual dogma, it is possible to learn telekinesis. It is very easy and once it is learned, we can "talk" to others humans, to animals and even to plants without speaking a word out loud. And the best thing is, we get a reply. Just try it yourself. Go to your pet and ask a question in your mind, regarding to your pets life. As soon as you formed your question it is send to your pet automatically. Now wait very shortly until you get an answer. As soon as you asked you will get the answer rising up in your mind. It´ll feel like your own thought. You´ll absolutely know it´s your pets answer, when the thought is surprising to you. Go ahead. Ask your dog, what walking route he/she likes best. Ask your cat, if he/she likes the food you´re feeding. Ask your fish, if he/she is happy with the size of the fish tank.
You´ll be fascinated, how easy it is to communicate that way. And you´ll be surprised, what your pet has to tell you because once the gates are open, you´ll get more and more answers you maybe haven´t asked for. Have fun, trying.


Right know we live in very moving times. There are a lot of old feelings showing up inside of us. Our Ego is in a crisis, trying to be very loud, shoving up old und unsolved feelings we carried around for years or even decades. It is not that easy staying out of arguments these days because we feels lots of "dark" feelings like fear, worries, rage, etc. Everything that is opposite from love.

This happens as long as we are not willing to look closely at our true inner feelings and guidance. The more we try to avoid this closer look the more exhausting it will be for us because now is the perfect time to allow ourselves a new way of being. It is important to get a lot of rest and recreation during this process. We have to wait and let this happen. Every day, lightness comes back to us bit by bit. Relaxation will be possible again and every time, we´re able to feel the old Ego again, there are even more old structures leaving. It is a good sign and we can help ourselves with connecting to our souls. Everything we need is already inside of us and it is time to start this new and exciting journey from the depth of our souls.
Welcome to this amazing part of life.