Saturday, March 31, 2018


Today I´d like to write about this wonderful sentence unterneath. Since a couple of weeks I try to live this quote while looking at others. With people we love and admire it is very easy to look at them and see their light shining through. But what about the people who are a challenge to  us? The ones we go in resonance with?

The ones we can´t overhear and oversee because they affect us in a certain kind of way? It means we have a topic inside us that reacts to these individuals and for us it is not that easy to see their light shine through without mixing it with our own feelings. It is quite helpful to look closer at the topic we have with it and with that, we´re able to start the path of healing our own subject, if we want to.
So, I see the light in you and treat you as it that´s all I see.
Lots of love,

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