Saturday, March 31, 2018


Sometimes I have days I get bored of my own artwork because I feel like it´s not unique enough. I think, it looks like a lot of other designs that are out on the market already. When I have these days, I ask myself why would anybody want to purchase my patterns.What could I do to present my graphics better so people could be able to imagine products with my patterns on it. When I´m on that boat of doubt, I wish to be braver and I´d also wish to do designs that look stunning, outstanding, spectacular and of course, not from this world.

I know, I´d love to influence the world with something that hasn´t be seen before but right now it feels like I´m not there yet. I still need patience and humility to got step by step and learn what I need to know for my future artistic being. Sometimes this feels tough because I´m a person who wants to reach goals fast. Sometimes it feels totally right because I know, everything goes in the right speed for my inner growth.

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