Saturday, March 31, 2018


In the last couple of weeks I wasn´t able to do much designing. Teaching at school had me under control and I really missed scribbling through the day. Now, we have easter holidays and after getting ready for the easter nest hunting part I can´t wait to spend some time in my creative room again. Gosh, I really missed that and after some time staying away from being creative I truly get moody. So let´s get back in balance again.

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen. What can I say to this quote? As a designer it takes some bravery to show myself through my pieces of art. It is always personal because it shows, where I am right now on my creative path. I´m also a singer and it takes a lot of courage to go on stage and showing myself, bringing feelings through my voice in this world. Sometimes it is frightening first and feels naturally second. I always learn a new, good, helpful lesson while showing myself and it helps me growing. Sometimes I don´t want to show myself first and need to get rid of this feeling first before things run smoothly. It is worth doing this step.
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