Saturday, March 31, 2018


In the last couple of weeks I wasn´t able to do much designing. Teaching at school had me under control and I really missed scribbling through the day. Now, we have easter holidays and after getting ready for the easter nest hunting part I can´t wait to spend some time in my creative room again. Gosh, I really missed that and after some time staying away from being creative I truly get moody. So let´s get back in balance again.

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen. What can I say to this quote? As a designer it takes some bravery to show myself through my pieces of art. It is always personal because it shows, where I am right now on my creative path. I´m also a singer and it takes a lot of courage to go on stage and showing myself, bringing feelings through my voice in this world. Sometimes it is frightening first and feels naturally second. I always learn a new, good, helpful lesson while showing myself and it helps me growing. Sometimes I don´t want to show myself first and need to get rid of this feeling first before things run smoothly. It is worth doing this step.
Lots of love,


I have a wonderful pair of converse that were designed by the Finish company Marimekko. I love these shoes very much and so I desperately had to make a design that fits to my pair of shoes. Who knows, maybe one day I´ll have a shirt printed with the design that fits my converse.

I love the quote very much. We truly should listen more to our intuition, our so called gut instincts. Very often we make decisions that are mind controlled and with that we want the security of consious reasons. Sometimes our intuitions says something different than our mind and we eventually don´t have a plausible explanation why to follow the road our gut instincts show us. When your intuitions calls, it is always good to check and see what this is about. We might make a better decision in life if we listen to it as well.
Have a wonderful day,


Sometimes I have days I get bored of my own artwork because I feel like it´s not unique enough. I think, it looks like a lot of other designs that are out on the market already. When I have these days, I ask myself why would anybody want to purchase my patterns.What could I do to present my graphics better so people could be able to imagine products with my patterns on it. When I´m on that boat of doubt, I wish to be braver and I´d also wish to do designs that look stunning, outstanding, spectacular and of course, not from this world.

I know, I´d love to influence the world with something that hasn´t be seen before but right now it feels like I´m not there yet. I still need patience and humility to got step by step and learn what I need to know for my future artistic being. Sometimes this feels tough because I´m a person who wants to reach goals fast. Sometimes it feels totally right because I know, everything goes in the right speed for my inner growth.


Today I´d like to write about this wonderful sentence unterneath. Since a couple of weeks I try to live this quote while looking at others. With people we love and admire it is very easy to look at them and see their light shining through. But what about the people who are a challenge to  us? The ones we go in resonance with?

The ones we can´t overhear and oversee because they affect us in a certain kind of way? It means we have a topic inside us that reacts to these individuals and for us it is not that easy to see their light shine through without mixing it with our own feelings. It is quite helpful to look closer at the topic we have with it and with that, we´re able to start the path of healing our own subject, if we want to.
So, I see the light in you and treat you as it that´s all I see.
Lots of love,

Monday, March 12, 2018


While reading myself through the wonderful book "In the company of women - inspiration and advice from 100 makers, artists and entrepreneurs" I found this wonderful saying from Bethany Yellowtail, a fashion designer from Los Angeles. Bethany has a tribal heritage which is Apsaalooke (Crow) and Tsetsehestahese and So’taeo’o (Northern Cheyenne). She brings an authentic voice of Native America in her design and wearable art. 

I love this quote of her very much because it gives a wonderful picture of all the ancestors that stand behind us. It is a huge amount of people. I give you an idea about it. When we imagine our two parents, father and mother, standing behind us and behind them their parents, which are four grandparents of ours. Behind them are eight great-grandparents and behind them sixteen great-great-parents. The number always doubles. If we do this until we reach the 17th generation that lived before us then there stands a million people in one row together. And this one doubles again and again and again. Sometimes my mind isn´t able to get this thought completely in my head but my heart is touched by all the wonderful people I come from.
Lots of love,