Tuesday, February 6, 2018


We all know negative cycles in our lives. We all have experienced situations we didn´t like at all. We´ve all met people we didn´t feel good with. We all know the feeling of being at a place we don´t belong. If we don´t look at these situations on a deeper level we keep repeating them over and over and over again. The negative spiral goes down. We start feeling bad and if we still don´t listen to our own inner self, our body, mind and soul sends us signals and symptoms. If we don´t return now, the symptomes increase until they get so strong we aren´t able to ignore them any more. We suffer and reach a point in life were we don´t get any further.

Now it is time to look at the deeper tissues inside of us, little by little. Why did we choose these situations we´ve been in on an unconscious level in the first place?  With this we dare to look at our own shadows, take over responsibility for them and turn them into light. Then things magically start to change. We´re able to either clear the road in front of us or find a new road-sign to follow. We heal from the inside and suddenly we invite friendlier situations and humans into our lives that make us feel so much better. Sometimes it is quite bumpy on the road to fix our emotional baggage but it´s worth the trip. We find our true own self and start to shine bright from the inside. It´s the best feeling ever.

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