Sunday, February 11, 2018


From Qigong I know a wonderful exercise that makes us shake off all the used up energy from everydays life. Qigong is a chinese movement-, concentration- and meditationsystem and one of the pillars of the chinese medicine. Some of the exercises are more that 1.000 years old but the western world only knows Qigong since 50 years.

The Qigong Shaking Exercise:
With this exercise we shake off old and used up energy of life (=Chi). It takes 15 minutes to do and helps us clean up energetic on the inside. This lesson is divided in three different sections. It is possible to support the lesson with music.


And this is how it works:
Stand with your legs in hip width, shoulders are loose. Your feet feel the ground, your toes grasp the ground shortly and loosen up again. Your face is relaxed and there is a light smile on your lips. Your breath is calm.

With powerful music we start easygoing to nod our knees and we imagine we beat our body like a carpet, starting from head to toes. With every part of our body we start to shake and with this we loosen all the energy that is used up inside of us. This part will take about 6 minutes of intensive shaking. When we feel stronger blockades during the process, we´ll shake stronger, when we feel pain, we´ll get softer.

In the second phase we stand still while relaxing music is played. Now we give old and used up energy of life (Chi) through the body central axis and legs into the ground. Inhaling is shorter than exhaling and our mind is quiet. This part will also take 6 minutes.

The third part is the part of silence. No music is needed because now we collect ourselves in the dantian which is the main energy center of our body. You can find the dantian three finger´s breadth underneath the belly button inside our body right under the skin. We imagine to collect new, crisp and clear Chi from our surroundings and soak it up through every pore of our skin. After we are all filled up we lead all the new Chi into the dantian. This part will take 3 minutes.

I love to practise this exercise in the morning right after falling out of bed to collect wonderful energy for a new day to come. I also appreciate it after a long, stressful day full of different chores surrounded by many people and their energy systems I was able to feel.
Have fun while trying it yourself.

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