Sunday, January 21, 2018


Have you ever asked yourself: Why do I keep attracting the same type of friends, the same kind of boss or the same situations over and over again? It is because we all have energy inside of us and this energy vibrates in a certain magnetic frequency. It is pure science and physics. Every frequency level is individual and depends on our mental and/or emotional constitution. It depends on our collection of experiences in life from the minute of our procreation to today, it depends on entanglements we carry from our families and anchestors and it also depends on experiences me made in former lives. Fear, anger, jealousy, envy vibrate in lower frequencies. Joy, Peace, Love, Happiness in higher ones.

We broadcast this frequency of ours into this world and attract back to us the people and situations that match our vibrations. When we complain about something, we normally say what we don´t want in life. This brings the law of attraction to us because we attract the thoughts to us we send out. The word "Don´t" isn´t heared and we get what we don´t want. In this case, it is much more helpful to focus on the things you do actually want to attract them. Ask yourself: What condition do I want in my own feelings, in my relationship, in my familiy, at work, with friends, health, life itself. Be aware of your thoughts and listen to the inner programmes you feed. Your vibe attracts your tribe. That means every thought you send out to this world shows up sooner or later in your life. Every thought makes your personal frequency vibrate lower or higher. Empower your thoughts and things will change to the better with your loved ones, friends, bosses, colleagues, health, situations and conditions. It´s worth a try.
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