Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Yeah, I could hardly believe my eyes when I clicked on the blog of Marie Perkins Print and Pattern blog. Seven of my motifs are published there together with a short bio and the link to my blog.
Here is the link to Print and Pattern.
And here is the content of it.

DESIGNERS - evelyn rosner 

Evelyn Lara'Ana Rosner is based in Bavaria, Germany. Not only is Evelyn a surface pattern designer and illustrator but she is also a creative coach. She loves drawing patterns, screen printing and collaging with hand-coloured tissue paper. Here are some examples of her licensing work and you can find out more online here.

I am so very happy and excited and proud. I was at school when I discovered that my work is online and I truly had to force myself not to scream for joy. This feels so wonderful. I guess, I will sing and dance all day.
Lots of love,

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