Wednesday, January 24, 2018


With this motif I truly want to thank Mother Earth for everything she does for us. We live on her and get everything we need from her. She serves us water and helps us sustain all of your body functions. She gives us plants we´re able to either eat or make medicine out of them. She gives us materials we´re able to turn into clothing. And she gives us animals, our friends who show us love and teach us how to live in harmony with our planet.

Every negative thought we think harms her. Every war we fight on her hurts her. Every environ-mental pollution we do damages her. It is time to give her flowers and it is time to send her all the love we can so she can start to heal again from deeply inside.
Thank you Pachamama. Thank you Lady Shyenna formely known as Lady Gaia.

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Have you ever asked yourself: Why do I keep attracting the same type of friends, the same kind of boss or the same situations over and over again? It is because we all have energy inside of us and this energy vibrates in a certain magnetic frequency. It is pure science and physics. Every frequency level is individual and depends on our mental and/or emotional constitution. It depends on our collection of experiences in life from the minute of our procreation to today, it depends on entanglements we carry from our families and anchestors and it also depends on experiences me made in former lives. Fear, anger, jealousy, envy vibrate in lower frequencies. Joy, Peace, Love, Happiness in higher ones.

We broadcast this frequency of ours into this world and attract back to us the people and situations that match our vibrations. When we complain about something, we normally say what we don´t want in life. This brings the law of attraction to us because we attract the thoughts to us we send out. The word "Don´t" isn´t heared and we get what we don´t want. In this case, it is much more helpful to focus on the things you do actually want to attract them. Ask yourself: What condition do I want in my own feelings, in my relationship, in my familiy, at work, with friends, health, life itself. Be aware of your thoughts and listen to the inner programmes you feed. Your vibe attracts your tribe. That means every thought you send out to this world shows up sooner or later in your life. Every thought makes your personal frequency vibrate lower or higher. Empower your thoughts and things will change to the better with your loved ones, friends, bosses, colleagues, health, situations and conditions. It´s worth a try.
Have an empowerful day,

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Yeah, I could hardly believe my eyes when I clicked on the blog of Marie Perkins Print and Pattern blog. Seven of my motifs are published there together with a short bio and the link to my blog.
Here is the link to Print and Pattern.
And here is the content of it.

DESIGNERS - evelyn rosner 

Evelyn Lara'Ana Rosner is based in Bavaria, Germany. Not only is Evelyn a surface pattern designer and illustrator but she is also a creative coach. She loves drawing patterns, screen printing and collaging with hand-coloured tissue paper. Here are some examples of her licensing work and you can find out more online here.

I am so very happy and excited and proud. I was at school when I discovered that my work is online and I truly had to force myself not to scream for joy. This feels so wonderful. I guess, I will sing and dance all day.
Lots of love,

Monday, January 15, 2018


Since I was a child I always liked the motifs of colorvision testing. I was a big fan of the color hues and loved to find the numbers or pictures in it. For this pattern I wanted the heart to stand out so I picked bright reds on the white-pink-greyish backround.

I´d love to do more of these motifs, maybe a little series of different color combinations and shapes. Let´s see what time will bring now I am back on design-track again. Hooray. Let´s get excited.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Today while reading a german magazin I stumbled over the japanese trend"Wabi-Sabi". It is a concept that teaches reduced clearness, combined with the beauty of imperfection. It´s about puristic designs and natural materials that give the feeling of a cleaned up lifestyle. Letting go of abbundance with the focus on appreciation of treasured belongings.

Picture Source:
As you can see in the picture it´s about: Nothing lasts, nothing is finished and nothing is perfect. Since I am perfectionist I truly love this concept. Sometimes I get lost in projects while trying to create the most perfect piece of art which is not possible.

Picture Source:
There is always a crooked line somewhere or the color doesn´t look right or there is a little scratch or mark somewhere that shows I am human.
Whenever I´m not satisfied with my art from now on, I´ll call it "Wabi-Sabi".
Bye for now and have a wonderful week,

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Finally I am back in my designing-shoes and I love, love, love it, sitting silently in my living room, doing sketches for new patterns. It really keeps me grounded and on my feet and it makes me happy, feeling the flow while designing.
It gets more and more important to me and I´d also love to practise my tissue paper techniques and silk-screen-printing as well. Since my challenges of 2017 ran out I needed some time finding a new one for 2018 which took some time. I still love to combine pattern with quotes and I´d also love to bring new techniques in. And music. Music would be so great.

I guess, things will start to show and it won´t take too long until I know, what I´ll be up to in 2018.
My list is finished already. The only thing I truly need now is time, bringing things together. Until this is organized I´d love to show you my first design for this year. I love this quote and work with it every day, inhaling love into my heart. The oval shapes reminded me of easter eggs somehow but they could also be dynamic slipper animalcules, rushing through our blood, bringing love into our hearts.
Have a wonderful day full of love,


Hey there in the new year of 2018. I know, I am a little bit behind and you might know these news already. But I´d still love to share the new Pantone color of the year 2018.
It is called Ultra Violet as you might see on the grafic below.

Picture Source:
Last years color "Greenery" was a fresh and delightful choice. I loved using it in my designs. For my wardrobe it wasn´t a good pick because I am more of a winter-type with dark hair and blue eyes so I left this one out.
Picture Source:
This years "Ultra Violet" makes it so much easier for me because it is a colour I like to use for my motifs and for my wardrobe as well. I guess, I won´t purchase a purple pair of paints, socks or shoes. But I might like a scarf or a shirt in Ultra Violet.
Of course I had to google what the color stands for and found this wonderful explanation of Leatrice Eiseman. I like the part of our potential reaching a highler level and that it lights our way to what is yet to come. Doesn´t this sound lovely?
What do you think of the color pick this year? Are you a fan of it? And if so, what would you like to buy in Ultra Violet? In a short amount of time, shops around us will offer the color in many different product varieties. So lets get started with thinking ahead before this happens.