Saturday, December 1, 2018


Yesterday evening, while watching TV, I finished a family of hedgehogs out of pine cones, felt, beads and yarn for a special reason. During this hot and long summer in Europe the hedgehogs don´t find enough food to survive hibernation. Especially the little ones are in danger because they their fat tissue is still too thin.

I tried to feed the hedgehogs in my garden with catfood the last couple of days but the only one who happily gained fat was our tomcat (who already has surplus weight). Anyway, the DIY-Hedgehogs are simply done and they are a cute reminder of helping our little prickly friends surviving winter.
So this is how they are done.

For one hedgehog you need:
- 1 pine cone the size you want
- a piece of grey felt
- three black beads
- grey threads
- a hot glue gun

First, you cut a cone out of the felt the size it fits your pine cone. Glue it to a cone with your glue gun.
Sew eyes onto the felt with thread and glue a nose on, using the glue gun once more. Glue the felt on the pine cone. Done.

I used different sizes of pine cones with different sizes of felt cones to create my hedgehog family.
They look very neat together, don´t you agree.


A couple of days ago I made lavender oil and used dried lavender blossoms from my own garden. The entire kitchen smelled just wonderful while getting this project done and I felt very soothing and calm which is a side effect of lavender. I´ll use this oil as base of making cosmetic products as christmas presents and soon they´ll be made and shown on my blog here. I want to make a lavender ointment for ladies and a chili-pain-remover oinment for gentlemen.

The lavender oil base is very easily done.

You just need:
- 500 ml oil (I used thistle oil but olive oil or avocado oil are also perfect)
- 200 g dried lavender blossoms
- a wooden spoon
- a glass bottle with lid (don´t use plastics. It´s colour can change)
- a pot

Rub the lavender blossoms between the palms of your hands to free the aromatic oil. Fill the blossoms into the bottle. Warm the oil and pour it into the bottle with the blossoms until the blossoms are all covered with oil. Stir the oil/blossom mix with a wooden spoon and make sure, both parts are wonderfully combined. Close the bottle and keep it in a warm place but not in direct sunlight for about 3-4 weeks. Sift the oil to separate the blossoms and pour the remaining oil into a clean bottle and keep it until you need it for further steps. The blossoms are not needed any longer.
As soon as the oil smells intesive like lavender I´ll start making the ointments.
Bye for now,

Saturday, November 24, 2018


The rainy weather makes me want to stay in my creative room forever. I did some experimenting with parchment paper and also with felt and produced three different sized paper lanterns and several felt acorns. I like the look of both so I combined them in a decoration object.

And this is how you can make the lanterns and acorns yourself:

1. The paper lanterns:

You need:
- three sheets of parchment paper
- a black finliner pencil
- roll-on adhesive
- three tea candles

First you cut the parchment paper the size you want the lanterns to be. After that you draw different motifs on the paper. Then you glue roll-on adhesive on one end and glue the end parts together. Give them a nice place to be and put tea candles into the centre. It´s as easy as that.

2. The felt acorns:

You need:
- the top part/hat of acorns. It´s called cupule
- felt wool (colours of your choice) - I picked grey and brown shades
- warm, soapy water
- vinegar
- liquid glue

To make on felt acorn you take a cupule and look at it´s size. Then you take a string of felt wool and roll it into a ball. Dunk the dry ball into the soapy water and drain it. Get it out of the water. Then start rolling the ball over and over again until it get´s into some sort of oval shape. The longer you roll, the firmer it gets. If the ball is still too small for the cupule, add some more strings, dip it into the water and roll again until you reach a rather tight oval that fits your cupule.
Wash the oval under cold water to remove all soapy su
ds. Mix vinegar with water (1:1) and dip the oval into the mix. This makes the wool connect even firmer so your products stays combined. Rinse again with plain water. Let your oval ball sit on a piece of paper for 1-2 days until it´s completely dry.
(Meanwhile you can start to make more felt balls in different colours). After your ball is dry, you take it, the cupule and liquid glue. You pour some glue into the cupule and press the oval ball into it. Hold it together for a couple of minutes until the glue starts doing it´s job. Done.

Have fun trying,

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


A couple of days ago this truly amazing and artsy animal allies oracle cards set arrived at my place. Jessica Swift, a wonderful artist from Portland, USA made these and I couldn´t wait to order my deck of cards from her. I love Jessicas designs and the fact, that she brings a deeper level of spirituality into her artwork. She is very inspiring to me because she lets her inner light shine bright to the outside for others to see. You can find more of her wall art, stationery, phone cases or this magical set of cards here

In the shamanistic world animal totems are spirits in animal characters and they offer wise and gentle guidance on life´s journey.

Of course I had to open my new purchase right away. First I admired all these animals Jessica had painted with so much passion and love. After that I took my time and "felt" the cards. That means I looked at the energy each animal reveals. The deck is such a beautiful and spiritual piece of art.

There are multiple ways to use this deck. I love to mix the cards first. Then I stack them up in a neat, unsorted pile with the pictures down so I can´t see the. Then I center myself and pick a card out of the pile my inner intuition wants. After that I look at the cards, feel it´s energy and read in the guidance that comes with the deck the meaning of the card.

First of all my inner self picked the dragonfly. In short version the dragonfly stands for illusion and change. Things are not always as they appear, so it´s important to find out what to change or transform in life. This fits totally (of course) into my actual situation because I had just started to feel the need of spending more fueling time on things I truly love like going to art museums or exhibitions. So it´s time to step into action because with the help of the cards I am clear now about the things I want to change.

My plan is to pick a card each day to get a clearer vision about my inner self. And of course I´ll love to show the cards to my clients I work with in my coaching lessons. They might like the spiritual guidance, too.
Have a wonderful day doing all the things you love to do with passion.

Friday, November 16, 2018


Very often we try to fit in. Either at school or in our daily jobs, with your spouses and friends. We try to fit in because we want to feel loved. Doing this we hide our real selves and we also lose our authenticity. And even worse we attract people who act the same way.
Mock-up source:
If we dare to show our truly unique personality then we start to attract people who will love our real inner light. And this can happen if we honestly start to love ourselves at first. So let´s hug yourself and start to grow the seed of self love from deep inside your heart.
You are immeasurably loved.


Oh gosh, I´m such a lame blogger these days and I truly need to apologize for this. My life is so busy right now, especially my school-job. Since September I´m able to teach "Design" in three different classes which I love very much. It also keeps me very busy getting prepared for each lesson until I´ll grow a routine in this. There is lots of creativity in my life though but I don´t find the time of sharing it properly.

So finally I was able to finish this design and I was also able to fix it on a mock-up. Yeah, this makes me so very proud. I thought a lot about presenting my art-work more professionell and this is the start of it. Of course, there is still enough to learnabout it but hey, every journey starts with the first step.
And here is mine.
Bye for now,

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


A couple of days ago I found an article in a magazine about "Shinrin-Yoku" or the Japanese way of forrest bathing. It is about spending quality time in the woods and finding health benefits of being alone in the nature. A forrest walk helps decrease our stress hormone levels and brings our blood pressure down. It it also a preventive medicine like a Qi Gong or a yoga class can be.

The trees nurture us with clean and fresh air, the colour green has healing effects and the whisper of the leaves in the wind makes us feel calm and self-centered. It only takes 20 minutes in the woods to get all the benefits that nature provides for us, especially when a stressful work life harms our well-being. Just try it and you will feel immediately the healing effect shinrin-yoku has on us.
Have fun bathing in the forrest of your choice,


When I started my studies of becoming a designer my entire style changed more and more. I started to look at things on a different way and became more and more able to worship well designed products. It happend in different areas of my life and affected my interior, my wardrobe, my accessories, my jewelery and a lot more. I even started to cook on a more stylish way and served food in nice, handmade bowls.

It just came naturally and I suddenly cherished the ideas designer share with their products with us. I think, surrounding myself with beautiful things is such a beautiful way of creating a life I love. It shows who I really am and what I stand for. The next step for me is creating beautiful things I am able to surround myself with. This would be just so perfect.
Have a wonderful day,


I am very fond of my smartphone. It brings informations from my family and friends to me. It helps me, telling others about my being as a Coach. And I´m able to connect via social media with lovely, artsy people all around the globe to admire their artwork the minute they load it up. This makes advertising and networking so very easy and inspiring.

On the other hand it scares me how much control this little cyberphone has on me/us. It really transforms us into "Smombies" (connection of smartphone and zombie) while standing or sitting somewhere with fixed eyes banned on the screen. Isn´t this spooky? I often wish to have more time for designing or singing but instead of being productive I catch myself sitting on the sofa, getting entertained by Facebook or Instagram. This feels so wrong to me especially when I feel that I could spend time on qualitiy things right now. So I truly had to design a little reminder for this. A wake up call for spending more time away from the phone. It is really worth a try.

Saturday, September 22, 2018


Isn´t it the nicest place for somebody to be? Inside of a hug with a person that is important to us, that we are in love with? Hugs have a huge healing component when we are able to open our heart while being hugged. Love flows literally from heart to heart while being embraced and makes us feel good.

I love being hugged by my husband, my kids, my parents and family, good friends, workmates, and people I am fond of. I also love the free-hugs campaign and ran into a girl in Munich ones who offered some in the pedestrian zone. We were total strangers to each other. She was standing there, holding a sign above her head that offered "Free hugs" and I came towards her and we embraced each other happily to bring peace and love into this world.

So, lots of free hugs with peace, love and happiness to you and your loved ones, wherever you are on this planet right now and no matter in what situation you are in. Have a wonderful and lovely day and don´t forget to hug your loved ones.


Last week I totally was in the mood of sending a new motif in for Illustration Friday. The weeks topic was "Fear" so I tried to capture it in a pattern.

Originally I also wanted to involve spiders and other cruel things that people could be scared of but I didn´t like how it turned out. So I stuck to the fearfull faces.
Bye for now and have a fearless day,

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Today I had my first art class as a teacher at school and I was very excited about it. 20 years ago I worked as an arts-and crafts-teacher in a summer camp in New York and had the change of teaching kids to become creative. This time I work with grown-ups and I didn´t know what to expect today. Things worked out well and I´m thrilled and have to get rid of my adrenaline overdose of todays excitement. So I made a pattern with lots and lots of hearts.

The more creativity comes into my life, the more I love getting up in the mornings. I truly, truly, truly would love to create my very own soul business with combining creativity, music and coaching. I picture this "job" as often as I can and I am sure, it will become reality one day.
Bigs hugs,

Saturday, September 15, 2018


This motif comes a little bit too late because holiday season is over already and people returned to their jobs, still feeling relaxed after their days off during summer, I guess. But well, it won´t be too long until pre-christmas stress will start and so this one is a good reminder of not overdoing it this time.

And the pattern is also a bit of a combination of "summer-is-over-and-Halloween-is-about-to-come"
atmosphere. I like the quote very much and it makes me laugh whenever I read it or see my passport photo. Depending on this picture I would need trips all year long.
How about you? Do you have a more relaxed photo on your passport?


The new school year has started last week here in Germany and the days rushed by so fast, I could hardly think of anything else besides planing the design classes I´m about to teach. Luckily I found some spare time yesterday of doing my own projects. Uhh yeah.

I found a quote that said: Don´t be eye candy - be soulfood and I thought, why can´t we be both of it.
Isn´t it nice to be cute and soulwarming to others as well. So I had to do this pattern combining both of it. I have to say, I like this one better (have I mentioned before I´m a perfectionist?). I want the entire package.
Bye for now,

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


I truly, desperatley wanted to make a cactus-design this summer because I love these little, prickly creatures. I had so much fun drawing different ones, giving each a unique look and I knew instantly from the start this design would work out fine. Nothing beats a design-process based on love. With that every part falls into place smoothly right away.

I found this lovely quote that fits perfectly to the cactus-creatures. If we have a wound inside of us, then we need time healing. If we keep on touching it, we disturb the process of cure. If we touch a cactus constantly, we get hurt over and over again. If we get in contact with a person regularly that hurts us or doesn´t make us feel good, our heart cannot heal. First of all we need to find our blind spot why we invited this person or situation into our life. After that we´re able to heal.
There is the saying: "Time is a great healer". Through my work as a ConsciousCoach I learned that this saying is only true if we are willing to look at our own part of the situation. When we are clear with this question, the wound has the chance to heal. If not, we attract the situation into our lives over and over again until we learned the lesson.


Summer vacation is on and I have so much wonderful time I´m able to spend designing. This feels so good, relaxing and refreshing. As many countries in the world, Germany suffered from a heat wave the last couple of weeks. It was a challenge to get through this physically and emotionally. We passed it now but there ist still coming some energy in afterwards that is very confronting.

Hidden fears show up, ego-structures come to the surface, negative feelings arise and lead to arguments. On a collective level we can feel a lack awareness. This means we have a constant feeling of things we don´t have in our lives like time, joy, lightness, health. We do have a choice in this and we´re able to switch lack into wealth on every level in our being. We just need to turn our focus.
Have a wonderful tuesday today.
Lots of love,

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


I´m dedicating todays motif to lovely Mother Earth. She is such a beautiful, wonderful, blue planet - one of me most beautiful planets in our entire galaxy. Unfortunately we are not good to her. We pollute her big time, we destroy her beauty willingly and we fight evil wars on her. This is so unwise because with this going on we will destroy ourselves for sure.

It is time to wake up. It is time to open our eyes and turn things around. And don´t think you can´t change a thing as a single person who starts to save our planet. Each action counts and is a perfect step into the right direction. Here is a link to 50 ways to help the planet. We´re all in this together and there is no excuse. We have nowhere else to go if we don´t start taking care now.
Lots of love,

Sunday, July 1, 2018


I love charismatic, energizing, inspiring people. They do so much shine from within, have a spark of life and they trigger powerful emotions in those around them.
The fact that you don´t have to be born that way is very relaxing because there is always the possibility of growing into a charismatic person if you aren´t shining naturally from within.

 This is how you can turn easily your inner light on:
1.   Show passion, joy, pleasure and happiness while making new experiences.
2.   Be confident and grow your own self-worth.
3.   Celebrate your strength, your abilities, your knowledge and your worth.
4.   Share your confidence with others so they feel stronger in your presence.
5.   Believe in something powerful and share this with others.
6.   Be lively, diligent and committed.
7.   Tell true and meaningful stories, practise humor, metaphor and symbolism.
8.   Entertain while you inform.
9.   Be emphatical and focus your eyes, ears and soul on the person in front of you.
10. Make others feels special and interesting.

Every day I pick one of the upper "light switches" and for intensive pracitse I try to integrate the chosen one in my daily life. Bit by bit I improve, lighten my inner self and turn into a better version of me. Of course, there´s always something to learn but isn´t this, what life is all about?

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Many people in this world, including me, hide love in their hearts in some way. We all do know love but very often, this wonderful feeling is stashed, nearly crushed by a bigger or smaller tower of painful experiences we collect along our paths of life. Some of these situations may be still in our awareness, some slumber unconsciously inside of us and we have no clue, how big the impact is it still has on us. And to make things worse: The older we get, the bigger grow our mountains of distress.
When we hide love, we are not able to open our hearts 100% to our loved ones. That means, love cannot flow unimpeded from our hearts to their hearts. This affects our bonding abilities to our parents, siblings, friends and later to our spouses and children because there is always a hidden barriere between us and them.

But what can we do to bring our hearts and love to a full, gleaming glow? 
1. It helps absolutely if we discover what we are hiding.
2. It is essential to bring our pain into a process of healing.
3. The best part: The more we heal inside, the wider open up our hearts.
4. At last we need to take care of ourselves to help our hearts stay open.

Scientists found out, that we need five good experiences to balance out a single bad one. With this in mind, it is a lot easier to stop building towers of pain on top of love. Go ahead and start collecting happy moments - they are medicine for your heart.
Big hug,

Sunday, June 24, 2018


Born in the Zodiac Sign "Virgo" I found out several years ago, that people who are born in this star sign are often overly critical to themself and others. They always hope to be the best version of their own person. Well, I am not a big fan of generalization but for my very own person, this definition is so true. When it comes to rethinking a past situation, I often think about things that didn´t work out smooth, like things I didn´t dare to say or feelings I didn´t dare to express. This can be quite haunting and guess what? It doesn´t help me a bit because I don´t change a thing any more because the situations is over.

So I started finding a new solution instead of being my own worst nightmare. I set myself a big goal: I want to become brave enough to show my real and true inner me to the outside world. For this it is mostly important to be forgiving to myself because I am still a learner (and I´ll be one for the rest of my life anyway). I make experiences and they help me grow into a authentic me. I´ll make mistakes along the way and they help me find myself. Isn´t that a beautiful thought.
Do you want to come along. I´d love to have company on the way.


Hello, all you loved ones. It´s been a while since my last pattern came out and I really missed being creative. Right before our trip to Thailand I started making mixed media designs because I wasn´t satisfied with my former motifs any more. They started making me feel bored and I wanted to try something new for becoming excited again. Somehow I lost this track again being abroad. I feel like jumping back on that train once more but don´t feel a big longing for it. I have the feeling of going out into this world, collecting new ideas and finding objects, places and people that muse me. I really need to show myself in my art and I don´t know, how to start. (Wow, this phrase could work very good in a song line).

Well, lets talk about my dragonfly-motif. I don´t know why I choose these insects in my pattern because I´m not that keen on animal motifs. (It depends on the animals, though.) I liked the fact, that dragonflies have several wings I could draw patterns in. The quote is one, I often think about when I work as a ConsciousCoach with clients. Some ask me frequentely, why humans have to collect experiences in life that hurt. If we go on a higher spiritual level, the answer is this: We are here on this planet to collect experiences. Some make us feel good, some don´t. There are many, different reasons why we collect certain experiences. Very often the reasons have to do with family and ancestors or even with former live of ours. This depends on the backround we bring with us into this incarnation. For the next step it helps to look closer behind this curtain because if we know what we brought along, we get a better understanding why we collect certain experiences. We all have a meaning in life. We all have a mission in life. Every experience we make, forms us so we´re able to become the person we shall be to fullfill our task in life. If we look closer, we´re able to understand our unique reason of being. This is very exciting.
Have a lovely day,

Friday, June 15, 2018


My family and I just came back from a wonderful, amazing trip. We´ve been to Koh Samui, Thailand and had two wonderful weeks in a bungalow right next to the Indian Ocean. As you can imagine, we enjoyed it so very much. I desperately needed a relaxing vacation because I felt so worn out, so I couldn´t wait to give it a go. On the other hand I was somehow scared of letting go and I was really nervous about the long flights. We had three flights with two stops - one in Abu Dabi and one in Bangkok on our way there and visa versa.

Normally I am not scared of flying but this time I was. I really had to work on relaxing beforehand but couldn´t manage to bring my stress level to a total low. I decided to fly scared to get rid of my fear while being in the air. It worked quite well and I transformed my barrieres high up in the sky. Of course this experience needed a fitting quote and pattern on my blog so I came up with this one today.
Have a wonderful weekend,

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Somewhere deep in my heart I love Scandinavian Design. It also reminds me of German folk art in my childhood. I grew up in a creative home. When I was little my mom and also my aunt had times when they painted folk art on cupboards, wardrobes, rocking horses and a lot of other interieur material. It was quite big in the 70´s and was a huge trend.

Somehow I still like the designs of the olden days. They touch my soul because I have wonderful, fond memories of the designs that surrounded me back then. Today I adapted these paintings, mixed them with Scandinavian motifs and added a breeze of a nowadays look.
Bye for now,

Friday, May 4, 2018


I start realizing that my motifs start to look the same over and over again. I really need to change something because I get bored more and more about it. This is a good sign for me because I´m ready to do the next step. I need to bring more life into my patterns and I truly want to work with different mediums. I´d love to bring more handwork in but I still don´t know how it should look like.

The quote expresses it very much. I don´t know where I am going but I´m on my way. The old style doesn´t fit me anymore. To me it feels a lot like bringing something new and unique into this world.
I have no idea what it will be but I start digging inside of me and I´m really excited what will rise. I´ll keep you updated.

Thursday, April 12, 2018


How very often we are unfluenced by our mind. It keeps telling us, what to do or what we shouldn´t do, mostly out of believe systems we learned when we were young or out of fear we experienced in our childhood. Our thoughts are rarely quiet and while we listen to this loud voice inside of us, it is impossible for us to listen to our soul.

It isn´t easy to bring our mind to silence. But it is truly worth it because if we do so, we´re able to hear our soul speak. First we might hear it in whispers, later on, when we get used to it, we´ll hear it clearer. Our soul knows the way in our life´s journey and if we listen to it, we´ll get a wonderful road map were to go and what to explore. Our soul knows what we need to learn to bring up our talents and potentials to live a happy, fullfilled life. The only thing we need is trust to our inner guidance.

Monday, April 9, 2018


Ahhhh, finally spring arrived in Central Europe and we had such a wonderful weekend full of lovely and sunny days. My vital spirits are returning and I truly, urgently felt the need to do some creative stuff. A couple of weeks ago I ran into a wonderful peace of fabric in blue and white. The design is  called Fresh Dots and I haven´t found out yet, what company stands behind this lovely piece of art.

Just shortly after my bargain I accidently stumbled over the same design, this time in curry/mustard and white. It must be a different company because the fabric is thicker and heavier. Of course I had to purchase this one as well and also found two lovely zippers that fit perfectly well - one in dark blue and one in curry yellow. I made my way to the sewing machine and just 30 minutes later these two lovely bags were made. Jippieh. I am so happy they turned out so well and there is still fabric left for more ideas to come.
Bye for now - I hope, you also have wonderful sunshine.

Monday, April 2, 2018


This is a quote that is daily on my side right now. As I have written earlier we´re in the middle of moving times. Our ego is very exhausting right now and it isn´t that easy to stay away from verbal fights or arguments. It is possible we project a lot on other people right now. It is also possible other people project a lot on us these days. If a person treats you in a special kind of way, it says a lot about this human being. Love is the highest feeling we can get from somebody else. The opposite is also possible and doesn´t feel very comfortable. The range between love and hate is quite huge and we all know what it´s like to be treated in a way we don´t feel good with.

If we stay and act friendly, even if we get treated in a certain kind of way, we don´t get in resonance with the behaviour of the person that is addressing it on us. If we get mad or even furious or fuming, we do go in resonance and have a subject with it as well that isn´t healed yet. So, it´s always good to check our reactions on somebodies treatment and we get lots of answers while listening to our inner voice in situations like these.


This is such a funny quote. I had to use it urgently. But what is Telekinesis? Wikipedia says: Telekinesis is an alleged psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction. Natives like the australian aborignies used to work with telekinesis while sending each others informations through their minds, sometimes far apart from each others. So it is a very old system, we have forgotten about.

We´re all able to do telekinesis. It just takes some training to "get" the informations properly. Some people are naturals. They´re able to do it without any teaching. Some people believe they are not able to do it at all. This is a blockade in their believe system and when they get rid of this individual dogma, it is possible to learn telekinesis. It is very easy and once it is learned, we can "talk" to others humans, to animals and even to plants without speaking a word out loud. And the best thing is, we get a reply. Just try it yourself. Go to your pet and ask a question in your mind, regarding to your pets life. As soon as you formed your question it is send to your pet automatically. Now wait very shortly until you get an answer. As soon as you asked you will get the answer rising up in your mind. It´ll feel like your own thought. You´ll absolutely know it´s your pets answer, when the thought is surprising to you. Go ahead. Ask your dog, what walking route he/she likes best. Ask your cat, if he/she likes the food you´re feeding. Ask your fish, if he/she is happy with the size of the fish tank.
You´ll be fascinated, how easy it is to communicate that way. And you´ll be surprised, what your pet has to tell you because once the gates are open, you´ll get more and more answers you maybe haven´t asked for. Have fun, trying.


Right know we live in very moving times. There are a lot of old feelings showing up inside of us. Our Ego is in a crisis, trying to be very loud, shoving up old und unsolved feelings we carried around for years or even decades. It is not that easy staying out of arguments these days because we feels lots of "dark" feelings like fear, worries, rage, etc. Everything that is opposite from love.

This happens as long as we are not willing to look closely at our true inner feelings and guidance. The more we try to avoid this closer look the more exhausting it will be for us because now is the perfect time to allow ourselves a new way of being. It is important to get a lot of rest and recreation during this process. We have to wait and let this happen. Every day, lightness comes back to us bit by bit. Relaxation will be possible again and every time, we´re able to feel the old Ego again, there are even more old structures leaving. It is a good sign and we can help ourselves with connecting to our souls. Everything we need is already inside of us and it is time to start this new and exciting journey from the depth of our souls.
Welcome to this amazing part of life.

Saturday, March 31, 2018


In the last couple of weeks I wasn´t able to do much designing. Teaching at school had me under control and I really missed scribbling through the day. Now, we have easter holidays and after getting ready for the easter nest hunting part I can´t wait to spend some time in my creative room again. Gosh, I really missed that and after some time staying away from being creative I truly get moody. So let´s get back in balance again.

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen. What can I say to this quote? As a designer it takes some bravery to show myself through my pieces of art. It is always personal because it shows, where I am right now on my creative path. I´m also a singer and it takes a lot of courage to go on stage and showing myself, bringing feelings through my voice in this world. Sometimes it is frightening first and feels naturally second. I always learn a new, good, helpful lesson while showing myself and it helps me growing. Sometimes I don´t want to show myself first and need to get rid of this feeling first before things run smoothly. It is worth doing this step.
Lots of love,


I have a wonderful pair of converse that were designed by the Finish company Marimekko. I love these shoes very much and so I desperately had to make a design that fits to my pair of shoes. Who knows, maybe one day I´ll have a shirt printed with the design that fits my converse.

I love the quote very much. We truly should listen more to our intuition, our so called gut instincts. Very often we make decisions that are mind controlled and with that we want the security of consious reasons. Sometimes our intuitions says something different than our mind and we eventually don´t have a plausible explanation why to follow the road our gut instincts show us. When your intuitions calls, it is always good to check and see what this is about. We might make a better decision in life if we listen to it as well.
Have a wonderful day,


Sometimes I have days I get bored of my own artwork because I feel like it´s not unique enough. I think, it looks like a lot of other designs that are out on the market already. When I have these days, I ask myself why would anybody want to purchase my patterns.What could I do to present my graphics better so people could be able to imagine products with my patterns on it. When I´m on that boat of doubt, I wish to be braver and I´d also wish to do designs that look stunning, outstanding, spectacular and of course, not from this world.

I know, I´d love to influence the world with something that hasn´t be seen before but right now it feels like I´m not there yet. I still need patience and humility to got step by step and learn what I need to know for my future artistic being. Sometimes this feels tough because I´m a person who wants to reach goals fast. Sometimes it feels totally right because I know, everything goes in the right speed for my inner growth.


Today I´d like to write about this wonderful sentence unterneath. Since a couple of weeks I try to live this quote while looking at others. With people we love and admire it is very easy to look at them and see their light shining through. But what about the people who are a challenge to  us? The ones we go in resonance with?

The ones we can´t overhear and oversee because they affect us in a certain kind of way? It means we have a topic inside us that reacts to these individuals and for us it is not that easy to see their light shine through without mixing it with our own feelings. It is quite helpful to look closer at the topic we have with it and with that, we´re able to start the path of healing our own subject, if we want to.
So, I see the light in you and treat you as it that´s all I see.
Lots of love,

Monday, March 12, 2018


While reading myself through the wonderful book "In the company of women - inspiration and advice from 100 makers, artists and entrepreneurs" I found this wonderful saying from Bethany Yellowtail, a fashion designer from Los Angeles. Bethany has a tribal heritage which is Apsaalooke (Crow) and Tsetsehestahese and So’taeo’o (Northern Cheyenne). She brings an authentic voice of Native America in her design and wearable art. 

I love this quote of her very much because it gives a wonderful picture of all the ancestors that stand behind us. It is a huge amount of people. I give you an idea about it. When we imagine our two parents, father and mother, standing behind us and behind them their parents, which are four grandparents of ours. Behind them are eight great-grandparents and behind them sixteen great-great-parents. The number always doubles. If we do this until we reach the 17th generation that lived before us then there stands a million people in one row together. And this one doubles again and again and again. Sometimes my mind isn´t able to get this thought completely in my head but my heart is touched by all the wonderful people I come from.
Lots of love,

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


It is so easy to doubt about things in life. Doubt is the number one enemy of confidence, trust or faith. When we doubt, we build up barriers and limitations between us and our potential. Very often we compare ourselves to others and don´t believe in the things we´re able to do any more. We forget that we are unique and uncomparable. A true original.

So let´s banish all the doubts. Get over it and don´t deal with it any more. Start to walk a new, confident way, believe in yourself and the wonderful talents that raise inside of you and everything will work out for the best.

Sunday, February 11, 2018


From Qigong I know a wonderful exercise that makes us shake off all the used up energy from everydays life. Qigong is a chinese movement-, concentration- and meditationsystem and one of the pillars of the chinese medicine. Some of the exercises are more that 1.000 years old but the western world only knows Qigong since 50 years.

The Qigong Shaking Exercise:
With this exercise we shake off old and used up energy of life (=Chi). It takes 15 minutes to do and helps us clean up energetic on the inside. This lesson is divided in three different sections. It is possible to support the lesson with music.


And this is how it works:
Stand with your legs in hip width, shoulders are loose. Your feet feel the ground, your toes grasp the ground shortly and loosen up again. Your face is relaxed and there is a light smile on your lips. Your breath is calm.

With powerful music we start easygoing to nod our knees and we imagine we beat our body like a carpet, starting from head to toes. With every part of our body we start to shake and with this we loosen all the energy that is used up inside of us. This part will take about 6 minutes of intensive shaking. When we feel stronger blockades during the process, we´ll shake stronger, when we feel pain, we´ll get softer.

In the second phase we stand still while relaxing music is played. Now we give old and used up energy of life (Chi) through the body central axis and legs into the ground. Inhaling is shorter than exhaling and our mind is quiet. This part will also take 6 minutes.

The third part is the part of silence. No music is needed because now we collect ourselves in the dantian which is the main energy center of our body. You can find the dantian three finger´s breadth underneath the belly button inside our body right under the skin. We imagine to collect new, crisp and clear Chi from our surroundings and soak it up through every pore of our skin. After we are all filled up we lead all the new Chi into the dantian. This part will take 3 minutes.

I love to practise this exercise in the morning right after falling out of bed to collect wonderful energy for a new day to come. I also appreciate it after a long, stressful day full of different chores surrounded by many people and their energy systems I was able to feel.
Have fun while trying it yourself.


This morning I couldn´t believe my eyes when I walked by one of your windows. Big fluffy snowflakes fell off the sky and the ground was already lightly sugared in white. I love it how the atmosphere and the mood changes when snow is falling. It is so different to rain even it is the same thing that drops down on us.

The world turns quiet and it always feels like magic and wonder when the raindrops turn into awesome cristals of snow and ice. When I was a child we had a lot more snow the entire winter season through. The world was in it and it mostly started melting in March through the warm sun in spring. I guess, we´ll get less of this magical happening because the global warming is taking it´s toll. I will really, really miss it.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Now and then I stumble upon a quote that says: "I wonder how much of what weighs me down is not mine to carry". Through lifetime experiences I can feel a genuine truth behind these words.
The weight we often carry are very often topics from our parents we took over in love. When these issues are healed we can very often feel subjects from our ancestors (back up to seven generations) we also carry in love. It is very easy to look at them on the soul level to dissolve these in respect and dignitiy.

After this is done we reach topics that really belong to us. On the next level we find Karma. That means subjects our soul experienced in former lives. Very often these issues are unprocessed and they still affect our nowadays life without us knowing what had happened back then. After we´ve healed these subjects we come to questions of our spiritual being on this planet. Now we´re able to find answers why we are here and what our purpose of life really is. With every step we take into deeper tissue our heavy load stops weighing us down. An uplifting life and yes, flying in ease will start to happen. Have a wonderful day try flying,


We all know negative cycles in our lives. We all have experienced situations we didn´t like at all. We´ve all met people we didn´t feel good with. We all know the feeling of being at a place we don´t belong. If we don´t look at these situations on a deeper level we keep repeating them over and over and over again. The negative spiral goes down. We start feeling bad and if we still don´t listen to our own inner self, our body, mind and soul sends us signals and symptoms. If we don´t return now, the symptomes increase until they get so strong we aren´t able to ignore them any more. We suffer and reach a point in life were we don´t get any further.

Now it is time to look at the deeper tissues inside of us, little by little. Why did we choose these situations we´ve been in on an unconscious level in the first place?  With this we dare to look at our own shadows, take over responsibility for them and turn them into light. Then things magically start to change. We´re able to either clear the road in front of us or find a new road-sign to follow. We heal from the inside and suddenly we invite friendlier situations and humans into our lives that make us feel so much better. Sometimes it is quite bumpy on the road to fix our emotional baggage but it´s worth the trip. We find our true own self and start to shine bright from the inside. It´s the best feeling ever.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


With this motif I truly want to thank Mother Earth for everything she does for us. We live on her and get everything we need from her. She serves us water and helps us sustain all of your body functions. She gives us plants we´re able to either eat or make medicine out of them. She gives us materials we´re able to turn into clothing. And she gives us animals, our friends who show us love and teach us how to live in harmony with our planet.

Every negative thought we think harms her. Every war we fight on her hurts her. Every environ-mental pollution we do damages her. It is time to give her flowers and it is time to send her all the love we can so she can start to heal again from deeply inside.
Thank you Pachamama. Thank you Lady Shyenna formely known as Lady Gaia.

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Have you ever asked yourself: Why do I keep attracting the same type of friends, the same kind of boss or the same situations over and over again? It is because we all have energy inside of us and this energy vibrates in a certain magnetic frequency. It is pure science and physics. Every frequency level is individual and depends on our mental and/or emotional constitution. It depends on our collection of experiences in life from the minute of our procreation to today, it depends on entanglements we carry from our families and anchestors and it also depends on experiences me made in former lives. Fear, anger, jealousy, envy vibrate in lower frequencies. Joy, Peace, Love, Happiness in higher ones.

We broadcast this frequency of ours into this world and attract back to us the people and situations that match our vibrations. When we complain about something, we normally say what we don´t want in life. This brings the law of attraction to us because we attract the thoughts to us we send out. The word "Don´t" isn´t heared and we get what we don´t want. In this case, it is much more helpful to focus on the things you do actually want to attract them. Ask yourself: What condition do I want in my own feelings, in my relationship, in my familiy, at work, with friends, health, life itself. Be aware of your thoughts and listen to the inner programmes you feed. Your vibe attracts your tribe. That means every thought you send out to this world shows up sooner or later in your life. Every thought makes your personal frequency vibrate lower or higher. Empower your thoughts and things will change to the better with your loved ones, friends, bosses, colleagues, health, situations and conditions. It´s worth a try.
Have an empowerful day,

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Yeah, I could hardly believe my eyes when I clicked on the blog of Marie Perkins Print and Pattern blog. Seven of my motifs are published there together with a short bio and the link to my blog.
Here is the link to Print and Pattern.
And here is the content of it.

DESIGNERS - evelyn rosner 

Evelyn Lara'Ana Rosner is based in Bavaria, Germany. Not only is Evelyn a surface pattern designer and illustrator but she is also a creative coach. She loves drawing patterns, screen printing and collaging with hand-coloured tissue paper. Here are some examples of her licensing work and you can find out more online here.

I am so very happy and excited and proud. I was at school when I discovered that my work is online and I truly had to force myself not to scream for joy. This feels so wonderful. I guess, I will sing and dance all day.
Lots of love,

Monday, January 15, 2018


Since I was a child I always liked the motifs of colorvision testing. I was a big fan of the color hues and loved to find the numbers or pictures in it. For this pattern I wanted the heart to stand out so I picked bright reds on the white-pink-greyish backround.

I´d love to do more of these motifs, maybe a little series of different color combinations and shapes. Let´s see what time will bring now I am back on design-track again. Hooray. Let´s get excited.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Today while reading a german magazin I stumbled over the japanese trend"Wabi-Sabi". It is a concept that teaches reduced clearness, combined with the beauty of imperfection. It´s about puristic designs and natural materials that give the feeling of a cleaned up lifestyle. Letting go of abbundance with the focus on appreciation of treasured belongings.

Picture Source:
As you can see in the picture it´s about: Nothing lasts, nothing is finished and nothing is perfect. Since I am perfectionist I truly love this concept. Sometimes I get lost in projects while trying to create the most perfect piece of art which is not possible.

Picture Source:
There is always a crooked line somewhere or the color doesn´t look right or there is a little scratch or mark somewhere that shows I am human.
Whenever I´m not satisfied with my art from now on, I´ll call it "Wabi-Sabi".
Bye for now and have a wonderful week,