Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Hello to you all!
Here comes a new pattern freshly out of my artsy room. It took me longer than I thought to bring it on it´s a way. I finished the scribbles almost a month ago and thought of an orbit-looking motif with the milky way as a backround. First I had more planet-like circles involved but I didn´t like it in the end. So I changed that and finally reached my point of satisfaction (if that´s ever possbible).

Right now I love the colour-combination of a dark grey mixed with powdery pink and steel grey. It looks quite harmonic that way, even though these are no orbit-like colours at all. These are truly inspiring to me and I think of making more patterns like that soon.
Have a wonderful day finding your favorite colour-combinations,
lots of love,

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Hello to a wonderful new day. My this weeks design is leaned on folk patterns from Africa or Australia. Sometimes I love to do dot paintings because they are so wonderfully calming and soothing. It is mediative drawing one dot besides the other and helps bringing my feet on the ground because it takes quiet a while bringing them all in an enjoyable row.

As for the colors I fell for Olivegreen and Olivegold in all different shades combined with a clear and crips white. I wasn´t sure in the beginning if I would be a fan of this choice but now it turned out quite pleasing to me.
Bye for now,

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


November is already in the house and it is so fantastic to take a look into warmer countries. It is time for the designer of the month and I can´t wait to present you: SKINNY LA MINX also known as HEATHER MOORE.

Skinny la Minx is based in Cape Town in Africa and Heather designs wonderful fabric, interieur accessories, aprons and a lot more.

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Hello and a warm welcome, dear Heather!

1. What steps did you take to get to where you are now as a designer/illustrator/artist?
I took lots of steps! Mostly, they were little steps that I could manage without scaring myself, as I´m a self-taught designer and have had to figure out everything about my job along the way. Enjoyment of my work is one of my main goals in life, so my business has grown in small increments, keeping it manageable and as fun as possible.

2. How would you describe your style?
My decorating style leans in the midcentury direction, with minimal furniture but many focussed areas of pattern, colour and detail. I love to create vignettes all over my apartment (and shop), showcasing interesting things I´ve found, highlighting relationships between objects, and telling stories. My personal style is all about being able to walk fast and carry things up and down stairs, while still looking smart. My working style is very instinctive and fluid, with lots of spur-of-the-moment ideas and bursts of high energy. Thank goodness I have a grounded, solid team along for the ride, to help me stay on track and in focus.

3. What is your favorite medium you like to work with?
I love to spend hours cutting intricate patterns and illustrations from paper with my very pointy blade. These cut paper designs are often the starting point for my textile designs.

4. How do you fuel your inspirations?
I walk to the shop every day, I travel a lot, I look at packaging in the supermarket and think about the way things are made. I analyse design choices that other people have made, and I look at trees, seeds and flowers, taking note of all these things as I go. I keep my eyes wide open while at home and away, seeing patterns, colour juxtapositions, textural interest and shapes. I photograph these and keep my photos rigorously sorted into categories. These are the things that help me make design decisions when it´s time to do this work.

5. How does your creative process look like?
It´s just a habit that I am in, and it applies to every part of my life. The things I choose to wear, the items in my home, the route I take to my studio, the conversations I have, are all my part of my creative process, and then at a point when I need to have a design or an idea made concrete, I have lots of material to draw from, because I´m thinking like this all the time.

Dear Heather, thank you so much for the interview. I love your designs and artwork you give and bring to this world. Lovely greetings to you to Cape Town, Africa and keep your wonderful ideas up.
Lots of love,


Hello there to a novemberish Tuesday. Winter is coming closer and the air starts to smell like snow. I love to burn candles to make our home cozy and comfortable in this dark season. The good thing about staying inside is, that I have more time for drawing.
Two weeks ago I started this motif with old-school cameras. It kept me on my feet for a while because first I changed the colours several times. I wanted it to be colorful in the first place (which I didn´t like afterwards).

Then I decided to go with the old-school look and since these cameras shot black and white pictures I focused the look of the pattern on these colours and a grey backround. I think, it turned out retro and looks like a design of the past.