Saturday, September 16, 2017


Hello there! I am back at work after one month of rest and laziness. Well actually, I wasn´t that lazy after all working in the garden, getting rid of all the weed that was growing there because of all the rain. And we had a lovely trip to Europe´s largest water slide park. It was huge and we went down all the slides, had a cocktail on the water bar and an amazing day there.
Unfortunately we didn´t make it on a bigger trip this year which I missed very much. We had some more day-trips but we didn´t get into a vacation-like feeling because there is always so much work waiting at home. Sigh! I really hope, we´ll make it next time.

It feels so very much like fall already here in Germany. The leaves fall and Scotty, the squirrel digs nuts in every possible spot in the garden. All day long he runs by our window and it looks like we´ll get a strong and long winter compared to the amount of nuts he drags along.
I have nice designs in my mind already but unfortunatly our printer broke down and I have to get a new one as fast as I can.
Have a lovely day and bye for now.

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