Monday, August 7, 2017


Dear friends, it is time for some rest and recreation. Summer vacation is on and I truly want to spend some time collecting new ideas for a fresh and inspirational return.

Have a wonderful month loaded with funny moments at the beach, a good book and a huge (n)ice-cream cone in your hand. I´ll be happy to welcome you back by the end of summer with new stuff coming along.
Lots and lots of love,


August arrived, summer holidays are on and a wonderful designer is standing in line for my "12" project. Ladies and gentlemen! Please hold your breath. I can´t wait to present you the one and only wonderful shining illuminated designer: HANNAH NUNN.

Hannah creates glowing paper cut lighting, wallpaper and fabrics all inspired by the tiny details found in nature. She lives in Hebden Breide in West Yorkshire in Great Britain where she has her artisan lighting shop radiance, her sunny studio and an abundance of beautiful countryside to keep her in ideas. Please feel free to visit her Homepage on or her Blog on

A warm Hello and Welcome to you, dear Hannah Nunn. Thanks for joining my interview today.
Let´s get started straight from the heart.

1. When did your interest in design/illustration/art first start and how did that come about?
I´ve been a maker since I was a child - always drawing, colouring in, quilling, making dollshouse furniture out of anything I could find or designing sets for the puppet show me and my best friend put on for our neighbours! I guess some people prioritise other things in life when they grow older and these creative acts start to dwindle but I was encouraged to keep them going. The way other people appreciated my efforts made me want to make more.

2. What steps did you take to get to where you are now as a designer/illustrator/artist?
I went to art college first, doing a foundation course and experimenting with allsorts of materials. Then I went to Wales to do a diploma in "Crafts". I ended up in a ceramics group though and I didn´t get on with clay and lost my way a little so I took a year out to work out where I wanted to be. In that
year I feel pregnant. I always say that my fate was chosen for me. I had my two children Ffion and Euan close together and enjoyed being a young Mum but I had another child pulling at my skirts too - my creative longings wouldn´t leave me alone. It was a challenge at the time but I managed to carry on making things and selling things and getting the odd commission. Having the children made free time extremely precious so I made the most of every minute and that has helped me learn to focus. When the children started school I got my first proper studio space and developed a range of handmade cards which did well but it was clear I wasn´t going to be able to support myself financially so I experimented with papercut lighting and that´s when my creative career really began. I opened my shop Radiance, selling artisan lighting and after ten years of making and selling lighting I was inspired to try my hand at wallpaper design too. I took The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design ecourse and learned LOADS. I printed my first wallpaper in 2013 and they have been selling successfully around the world every since. My daughter, now aged 23 now runs the shop so I can concentrate on creating from my lovely sunny studio space.

3. How would you describe your style?
My style is simple and gentle and inspired by the tiny detials found in nature. It is calming and soothing.

4. Who are your favorite designers?
There are so many designers that I admire, some whose work just makes my belly go funny and some who make me want to get up and do. There are too many to mention. I have picked ten. Abigail Edwards wallpaper and styling, Abigail Borgs intricate line drawings, Juju Papers simple quirky style, Skinny LaMinx overall business, Missprint´s great designs and the way they have grown, Kasasagi Designs are fascinating one off pieced, Katie Scott with her awesome botanical drawings, Elizabeth Terzza´s botanically inspired jewellery, Laura Baxter´s jeweler and Maartje Van Den Norrt´s drawings.

5. What kind of designer/artist do you want to be known as?
Someone who has managed to express the beauty and simplicity they find in nature into their designs in a unique and beautiful way with intricacy, care and craftsmanship.

6. What is your favorite medium you like to work with?
I like to draw. Fineliner pens and white paper is all I need.

7. What are you currently working on?
I´m working on design called Tiny Treasures. It features all the little things you might find and put in your pocket while when you´re out walking. It´s got SO many motifs. There are too many to count! If all goes to plan it will be wallpaper and fabric later in the year....maybe even an oil cloth.

8. How do you fuel your inspirations?
Yoga and meditation fuels me and gives me the loveliest kind of inspiration. I practice everyday. I read a lot. I write morning pages. I go out walking in the meadows and the woods. I live in a very beautiful town surrounded my lush countryside. I take lots of photos. Instagram and Pinterest inspire me - it´s good to see all the creative souls all doing their thing.

9. How does your creative process look like?
I write a lot just getting ideas down and getting creative ideas as I go along. It helps to clear my head and rev me up! I listen for the tiny things that excite my spirit and follow them. When designing a wallpaper I draw a lot first, collecting motifs, then I scan them in and play with turning them into patterns in Illustrator. My desk is full of inspiration - pictures, drawings, seed pods, quotes....

10. What are your major goals for the next years?
I will keep on building my wallpapers and fabric collection. I want to take them to Maison et Objet in Paris. I also have a desire to teach yoga and creativity and combine all my passions together, sharing my creative tools and tricks and the all things that give me the inspiration to do what I do. I´m working on that.

Hannah, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, ideas and inspirations with us.
It was a pleasure, reading about your life as an exciting designer, doing your wonderful artwork.
May all your creative dreams come true,
lots of love,