Sunday, July 16, 2017


She speaks with the rhythm of her heart - this is my number one lesson these days. It is so important to speak out of the heart with the rhythm of the beat. If we do that, we become clearer who we truly are. We also feel, what feelings we still hide inside our hearts who we are. It also shows us what stands in our way of opening our hearts for others. If we look at this, we are one step closer to heal.

I found the perfect music for this motif of mine. The wonderful Faroese musician Eivor Pálsdóttir found me and I loved this song so much. It is an absolute heart-opener for sure. Iceland is on top of my vacation-wishlist. Faroese, Iceland and Denmark are on top of my vacation-wishlist, especially Iceland.

It is such a beautiful country. I love the surnames of the Iceland people, the landscape and their natural, public way of living with elves and other mystic creatures. My shamane heart sings with them. Have fun listening to this beautiful song.
Blessed be,

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