Saturday, July 1, 2017


Another Illustration Friday rolled by without me being able to send my design in. There is so much work to do at school. I don´t want to miss the possibiliy of creating new designs so I still made one - even the gates closed for this weeks motifs already.

The topic was SPROUT and I thought a lot about it before I finished the design above. First I had Brussel Sprouts in my head, then a hairless man came into my mind, trying a new hair restorer. I also focused on a woman with hairy armpits and condemned this idea immediately (I know, it´s high in fashion but I am not a fan of it). Finally I focused on a tiny plant in greenery that just came out of a seed, reaching out for the light. It looks so fresh to me, I feel the urge of eating a crisp, fresh salad right away.
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