Sunday, June 25, 2017


With this weeks design I found a quote I am really fond of. In the last 18 years I witnessed so many situations that showed me how true this phrase is. Wonderful female teachers explained life to me and helped me to see light and shadow in my life. I also met wonderful women who did the same and together we discovered our inner healer and still do.

I am a woman in a family system. In my ancestors lines were truly wonderful foremothers with strong healing powers. More and more life prepared them to forget about this potential, many of them gained pain in their hearts through lifes journeys and weren´t able to heal themselves anymore.
Descendants took the pain over in their hearts and passed it on from generation to generation. This happens in all family systems by the way because children help their parents carry soul topics out of love.

I was born with clairvoyant abilites and could feel all the pain of my foremothers which wasn´t mine. With great help I closed and healed the wounds and the pain dissolved. With that I also healed the topics for my daughter because she doesn´t have to carry them in her life which is a magical feeling.

Of course, men are also lovingly involved. With healing female subjects I help men in my family in their relationships to women because they don´t have to project unhealed topics on to them any more.

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