Sunday, June 18, 2017


Today is the last day of germans holidays (Pfingstferien) and tomorrow morning I´ll sit by my desk again talking to students about their grades. It is my bread job and pays my bills and allows me to do wonderful designs afterwards. I am really thankful for it and have these professional, supportive and humorous workmates. With three of them I have a band which is so much fun. We meet during school days whenever we all four find time to come together and play songs we like. It is such a lovely project and always makes me realize how important music is for me.

With my last holiday-day in mind I have made a new design for my SHE-PROJECT. I drew all these teardrops and combined then in a pattern. They symbolisize all the tears that women haven´t allowed themselves to cry because they always had to be strong in their lives.

These days are over now. The new women don´t have to be strong all times. They are allowed to cry when they need to without feeling ashamed of showing weakness. Tears should come as naturally as laughter. Both help to clean our souls which is important to live a life in balance.
Have a wonderful day,

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