Tuesday, June 20, 2017


There is a heatwave rolling through Germany and I make my designs at night. During daytimes my brain works too slow and I need to stay in the pool for hours. Luckily we have one to cool down when the sun is burning hot. I guess it is part of global warming. We have 3-4 very hot days and then there come these terrible storms with horrifying thunder and lightning.
Here is my challenge for this week. I like the circles that change colour when leaving the blue backround. Right now I love listening to a famous german singer while drawing. I never liked him very much a couple of years ago because he mumbles his words in a certain way I couldn´t stand.
Lately he did some good songs with a great message and somehow I got into it.
His name is Udo Lindenberg and you can see him here.

Have fun watching,
lots of love,

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