Sunday, June 25, 2017


Last week I stumbled over a new word creation while reading an interview with Alexa Chung in the Vogue magazine of July. She was named a Slashie and I instantly had to find out, what a Slashie is.

A Slashie is a person who does more jobs than one. It means a creative person whose day job isn´t the real job. Most Slashie´s have three jobs: One to pay the bills, one to keep the juices flowing with play and one to provide a creative path no matter of financial gain (and with lots of hope to earn a living with it someday).

With that in mind I realized there is a word for my doing. I am a Slashie. I have three different jobs.
1. I am a teacher (this is my bread job, pays my bills and I am very thankfull for it)
2. I am a designer and a coach (they both keep my juices flowing, I am able to play in both and I truly
    work on earning a living with both in the future).

I think in the future we´ll all be more and more Slashies because we still do our daily jobs to have an income. More and more we feel the need to listen to our inner potentials because they want to be seen in this life of ours. When we follow our potentials and do things we love, then we ´re able to feel the flow. If we spend more time with our flow and give attention to it, things get bigger and new opportunities show up.
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