Sunday, May 7, 2017


"She lives her philosophy" is the quote for my she-motif for this week. While drawing the figure and all the butterflies and bringing them all together I thought about my own philosophy. Different things came to my mind and I tried to write them all down here.

The philosophy of me - Evelyn Lara'Ana Rosner:
I am a woman, wife, mother, healer, artist, teacher, priestess, goddess, witch, shaman, musician, vegan, spiritual soul, learner, pioneer, light-bringer and so much more I don´t know about yet.

- I try to live a life I love.
- I surround myself with people I feel great with.
- I am good to my body, mind and soul.
- I stay in balance.
- I sense my potential and live it.
- I follow my path of life and overcome fears and boundaries.
- I learn at least one new lesson life teaches me a day.
- I am love, peace, freedom, joy and wealth.
- I care for Mother Earth.
- I am the creator of my own fullfilled life.

Wow, once I´ve started I can hardly stop myself any more. There are so many things I feel connected with that are important to me. I guess, it will be a good idea to start a notebook with my own philosophy so I can write a sentence down whenever it shows up in my mind.
And I´d love to read more about other people´s philosophies.
So, my dear - what is your ideology? What do you stand for or what do you want your life to be?
Feel free to write me about it. I am very excited to get your mail.
Have a wonderful day,

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